Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well, Hello There!

Here's what happened...I knew good and well when I published my last post on September 3, 2013 that I probably wouldn't be posting for a while with the wedding coming up. Never did I EVER imagine that it would be 379 days later.

I could list a 101 excuses, but I don't like excuses so I'll spare you.

ALOT has happened in 379 days. ALOT of mindless, non-important stuff and ALOT of life-changing moments. To say it's been a CRAZY 12+ months, is somewhat of an understatement. I look forward to the days when we have nothing to do and our weekends are not booked 5 weeks in advance. #keepdreamingerica

While I hope to get back involved in this, I will go ahead and promise that it won't happen on a daily or even at times weekly basis. But I do hope to get back into it enough to document our life. Looking back that's what I have missed the most and regret the most....that so much has happened in the past year and I didn't document it.

However, that's the greatest thing about having photos. You can always look back on all your memories. That's what I hope to do here in the coming weeks. A 379 day review if you will.

I also have some housekeeping to do on this site. I'll be getting to those small changes in the coming days and weeks as well. For starters, the "About Me" section has been updated. Next up is updating pictures (because I'm CERTAIN those two pics of Stephen & I were the first two we ever had made together.....time FLIES) and my favorite....the blogs I stalk! I completely took that section out for now, because that list has changed quite a bit. I still follow some of the same great daily reads, but I've also found several news ones that I just adore! I look forward to getting that part back up soon!

For those of you wondering, I do still paint, just not as much as I once did. Everything has its season. Quite honestly, it's just not been a priority of mine in this past year. But, I do still do it and enjoy it. "The Waiting Game" section to the right of this post has been updated as well. Those are all of my current orders in no particular order.

So.....that's it! I'm glad to be back and I'm so humbled by the ones who have asked me a million times, "Remember that time you had a blog?" or "You've not blogged in forever!" or the simple "I miss reading your blog." That kind of encouragement and support really meant more to me than anything else could!

With all that being said, let's get started........again!

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