Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Favorites

Since today is the first day of the most wonderful time of the year, I thought I would post a few of my favorite pics from the whirlwind Summer we had!

We ended our Summer with our nephews finishing their t-ball and coach's pitch season. They both did great and we're so proud of them!! Riley is quite the ballplayer for a 7 year old....and Colin.....well, Colin is Colin and he beats to his own drum. He was there. 

 Colin graduated from Daycare! And just like that....he's now in Kindergarten. WHAT IN THE WORLD!?!
We managed to squeeze in some fun "Double Dates" with friends. And for the record, it still very much counts as as date when your friends' kid comes along! Dinner and snow cones? Yes, please!!
 BY FAR, the biggest event for Summer 2014.....

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! I still can't believe it sometimes. We started the process back in late February. Looked at 16 houses and the one that would be "ours" was the last one we looked at. We had NO desire to look beyond it. It's like finding your wedding dress....when you know it's yours...you know! 

We made an offer only to find out another offer was on the table before ours. After two days of nerves and LOTS of prayers, we got a phone call that I honestly wasn't prepared for. "You got the house!" DO WHAT?!? Stephen told me in the Kroger parking lot that we were homeowners. I didn't believe him. Then we met our realtor at a local place that has nothing but those kids' bounce houses that they rent out for birthday parties to sign paperwork immediately. Kroger and Jumpville.....we take this home ownership thing to a whole new level of class folks!

It didn't sink in until several hours later. HOW did this happen?! Answered prayers! That's how it happened. 

That was the easy part, find a house, make an offer, offer accepted, sign a TON of "paperwork" via our iPhones....piece of cake. Everything after that was the awful part. On paper, everything was fine. EVERYTHING. But due to the type of loan we were seeking, we started to have MAJOR problems the DAY BEFORE we were SUPPOSED to close. Back and forth our bank went with the mortgage company. Our closing date was rescheduled twice. The poor little old lady who previously owned the house had already moved to Arizona. It was bad. 

Finally, our bank stepped in and took our loan off the table with the mortgage company and financed it "in-house" which apparently they NEVER do or that would've been our FIRST step months prior. 

We finally closed at the end of May and moved in on June 7th!
 We QUICKLY learned our way around Lowes! And made several carload trips from our apartment to the new house. We were so blessed to have SO many friends and family help us move that weekend!
 On our very first morning waking up at the new house, I opened the blinds to our back porch to see these beauties sitting on our patio table! My friends are better than yours! :)
 As if we didn't have anything to do after moving in, we took a weekend trip with my family to the mountains. We found ourselves playing putt putt everynight. He was THRILLED as you can tell.
 On July 12th, these two surprised the entire family during dinner that, "Oh yeah, we're having the baby tomorrow!" We were all shocked and OH SO EXCITED to finally meet Baby Girl Brady and hear her name announced for the first time!
 A little over 24 hours later after the big announcement, we met Miss Arabelle Mae Brady! She is gorgeous and PERFECT in every way!!
 To celebrate my grandparents' birthdays, we loaded up the car and went on a double date with them! Gotta love 80 something year old and car selfies!!
 More car selfies! Stephen got off work early one day, picked the boys up, and went swimming! He's THE BEST uncle!
 And wrapping up our Summer, we had the great privilege of being in our friends Robert & Katie's wedding! And yes, those of you who know me or have been reading for a while, this was bridesmaid dress #15! Katie was beautiful and Robert was handsome and the day was made for them! We are soooo happy for these two!

We love being in September weddings together! Our 1 year is less than a week away....but more on that later!

As wonderful as our Summer was, I can't wait to celebrate Fall and Christmas in our new home! There may or may not be all kinds of pumpkins on display. Who am I kidding, they've been up for two weeks!!

Happy FALL!!!

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