Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Bright New Idea

Sometimes, I struggle for new designs. And sometimes a new design just hits me like a brick between the eyes. Why haven't I done this before now??! Fortunately, that's what happened this time.

Sometimes the circle is just too big...and I have to dig through my cabinets to find something to trace. 

Enter the every important and necessary kitchen item, the "cake dome taker" as I call it. 

For this one, it was my lifesaver. 

This was a gift I gave to my cousin Jenifer at her recent Bridal Shower. Can't wait for her and James' big day this weekend!
 And because who doesn't love a beautifully decorated Bridal Shower, here's a few pics from Jen's shower..

Congrats to Jenifer & James.....many, many years of happiness and blessings to you both!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Playing Catch Up...Brought to You by the iPhone (Part Deux)

My dad always pays in cash. It's very rare you will ever see him bust out the credit card or check book. Because he pays in cash, he accumulates ALOT of loose change. That change gets thrown in a box.

One day he said, "If you'll roll that change box, you can have it for your wedding money." I have no problem rolling change so I jumped on it. I asked him where it was, "it's in the back bedroom..guarded by a basket of superheroes."

(the back bedroom also happens to be my nephews' playroom at my parent's house)

Annnnd, this is as far we've gotten. It's all separated and $300 in quarters has been rolled. We've still got some work to do. 
I recently spent a good half of my work day out in our "powerhouse" at the hospital. This is just one of our boilers that produces heat and hot water for our hospital. Yes, I work in Maintenance. It's a man's world..I just try and keep them in line. It's also fun to know that we keep the entire place running, literally. It's a good gig.
 List, list, every where a list....two tball schedules and a weekend "to-do" list.
 Thank the good Lord for Cookeville having a Hobby Lobby. It's pretty much like a 2nd home for me.
And now, I'm going to get a little vane and conceited and share some selfies. I was "pinspired" you might say to pair black and brown together recently. Success! Doesn't it make the BIGGEST difference to your day when you just feel GOOD about how you look?
Changed my hair up one week before our engagement pics, because, hey, why not, right?


After...with darker hair and caramel highlights and le bangs.

I'm in love with bangs so bring 'em on & get yourself some! 

And why not end this with some scary album art brought to you by my absolute fave, Mr. Eric Church? His live recorded album came out last week and I just swoon. If you're not like some of us and haven't seen him live a dozen times, do yourself a favor and get tickets to the show nearest you. 
Told you it was scary. He on the other hand, is not.
You are welcome.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Playing Catch Up...Brought to You by the iPhone..

I've had a few painting orders here and there the past few weeks. This was one I made for my cousin Amanda's office. She picked the color combo of her sorority and I kinda love that.

I had been having some pretty bad pain and numbness in my left arm down to my pinky & ring finger. It continually got worse, especially the numbness. After about 6 weeks, it scared me enough to finally go to the doctor. 

Turns out there's a nerve from your elbow that runs down your arm and controls the pinky & ring finger. And it was all because of the way I sat at my desk at work. I leaned on that arm everyday all day long.

Diagnosis: Pinched nerve - the ulna nerve

Treatment & Prognosis - wear an elbow brace and take an anti-inflammatory for a week & change my desk set up. (This required some minor physical changes...)
 And sure enough a week or so later, I was back to normal. Glad we caught that sucker in time. In the worst cases, the only fix is surgery to clean out around the nerve. Yuck & no thanks.

Dana sent me this pic one night of the boys...they said they were twins. I said, "When did they start wearing wife-beaters?" Sheesh..they look old.
 She also sent me this gem one morning with the caption: "This is how Colin came into our room this morning."
Poor fella....gotta love having boys in the family.

Our town has grown tremendously during my lifetime, it's a "college town"...but at the heart of it all..it's still a small town, with small town politics and everybody knowing everybody else's business. I kinda love that too.

So when I was younger, I used to go straight for the Living section of our local Sunday paper just to see the engagements, wedding write-ups and bridal registry listings from local stores.

Some time ago, because of those good 'ol small town politics, all of this just stopped. The paper was bought out, started charging couples to post their engagements, stores pulled their registry ads, people stopped reading...you get the drift.

So when I registered at one of those local stores, I had NO thought of ever seeing my registry in the paper..they just didn't do that anymore.

Until last week, when all of a sudden, BAM...there it was again!!!
Now it may very well be the ONLY time between now and September 28 that this graces our newspaper, so you better believe I snatched up a few copies on Sunday night when I heard it was in there!

In other news, we're starting to plan our honeymoon...initially we were going to do a cruise, but we've changed our minds and now we're headed to Destin, Florida. A little R&R on the beach seemed right up our alley.

I've never been to Destin...anyone have suggestions on things to do, places to go, places to eat? Any and all recommendations welcomed!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easter Recap

To say that I'm behind in blogging is quite an understatement but I'm hoping to catch up in the next couple of weeks. "HOPING" being the key word.

We had a fairly simple and easy Easter this year. Everyone's plans and schedules just worked out perfectly over the course of that weekend where no one was rushing from one place to the next. It was quite enjoyable!

To set the mood, here's my only Easter print from this year...a larger 20x24 ordered by one of my very best customers Amy Harris. I'm tellin' ya..this girl...has kept this like hobby of mine in business since last Fall. Love her & her sweet kiddos. 

In other Easter news, we still have an egg hunt, more like an egg & candy pickup, at my grandparents' house every year. Yes, it's mostly for the newest generation ranging from ages 10 - 3 but the older kids...cough, cough, me....still like to get in on the fun...and by fun I mean pick up every Reeses egg I see within sight. 

Don't judge.

 Then things took a turn from the ordinary....

I"m not sure what these three were looking at, but it sure caught their attention.
 Then our grandma had Rob put the top back on the birdbath. One thing quickly led to another...
 Elizabeth was unsure of her egg hunt findings...
 Rob continued to work on the bird bath...then he realized that the "positions" of the birds might be a little "risque"...
 His exact words, "Ila Mae...cover your eyes..this is NOT appropriate for you."
 So he removed the bird statue and somehow it all spiraled downhill from there. The next thing we all knew we were making jokes about it being a small baptismal pool, Robert runs inside and quickly comes back having crafted a pope hat out of newspaper.
I stole this from my cousin's IG....the front two were the intended picture. The three peeping in behind them and me taking a flying leap are your photobombers. #success
 And that was our Easter. 

Have I mentioned I love my family? 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Be Mine..

I'm going to spare you the, I'm so far behind speech. I was emailed Friday by a certain someone, who shall remain nameless...

"You remember once upon a time how you used to have a blog that you updated occasionally? Hmmm...interesting."

I get it, I get it...

So let's go all the way back to February and maybe I can remember how this blogging thing works...

I made a TON of Valentine Monster Cookies to spread the love....while watching the Bachelor of course. That's Sean's sister Shay on the screen with him. Have you met her? I L.O.V.E. her...and her blog annnnd her foodie blog

I stepped out of my office one day for literally like 5 minutes and missed this happening. Even more random, I sat at my desk for at least an hour before I ever realized these were laying there. #legallyblind
I took them home and turned them into some Valentine's cheer!

 A few days later on Valentine's Day, S walked in with these beauties..obviously I'm a little nuts-o about tulips. He knows me well.
 I spent some time with my favorite Valentines..my precious, precious grandparents.
 For as long as I can remember, my Pa has always gotten Ma roses for Valentine's Day. This year they went to town together to get them.

I want to be like them when I grow up. Hands down.

I thought this was sweet and so true to who they are..I was at their house on a Wednesday, and they'd be going to church later that night for Bible Study. Pa already had his bible laid out ready to go...
 Duct tape must be a sign of many many years of use..this makes my heart smile.

And also for as long as I can remember, my grandma makes the communion bread for the Lord's Supper every week. She makes it in advance and takes it with her on Wednesday nights to be used for Sunday mornings.

I love her. I want to be her.
And just a few more of my favorite Valentines...

Valentine's Day was on a Thursday this year. By tradition, Thursday night is family night. Why should the holiday interrupt that? Spend it with the ones you love.

And yes we had pizza for dinner on the finest china paper plates money could buy...
Family romance at it's best! Love these times!!