Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not out of Spite.

At some point on this blog, I'm sure I've mentioned that way way back in the day I was in Nursing School in college. In fact, went all the way through half of my Junior year before I decided, nope, it wasn't for me. So, I switched gears and never looked back.

Now, I still work in a hospital, just in a different setting.

I have the utmost respect for nurses and the jobs they do, the care and concern they show their patients and families every day, the responsibilities they have, and the lengths they go to to ensure their patients receive the best care possible.

One of my most favorite nurses, is my cousin Amanda, who is now the Director of Nursing for a local Home Health agency. Which is a whole new ball game from the hospital setting and possibly even a tougher field to play on.

(I'm not quite sure how I just related Nursing and Baseball but hey, it works.)

During Christmas Amanda ordered two canvases for co-workers for a gift swap.

 Funny story on Sally Sprite....
Turns out that wasn't her name. She was really Sally Spite. No "r". No Sprite. Maybe I was thirsty when I wrote down the order. Either way, I flubbed, big time.
So I whipped a new one after Amanda caught my mistake. Whoopsie. So just imagine this one without the "r"...looks great doesn't it?

As many orders as I had for the holidays, it's a wonder that I didn't flub more than this one. 1 out of 83 ain't bad peeps.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Olivia Ann

I LOVE painting canvases for babies. LOVE. IT.

A really good friend of mine ordered this back at Christmas for her new niece. And how can you NOT love pink for baby girls!!

Once again I used pictures of my cousin and her baby girl for my sample. So this is not Miss Olivia, but I'm sure she is just as beautiful as Lorelei.

Thanks for the order, Emily....hope everyone loved your gift!

(and yes, it's a different Emily...I have several Emily's in my customer book.)

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Blairs & Mahans

A really great advantage of working in a large workplace is the friendships that you make and all the people that you meet.

That's exactly what has happened to me in the past three years. One of those people and whom I gladly call my friend, Amy.

Amy ordered canvases for her parents & new in-laws as Christmas gifts.

Word on the street is that both sets of parents LOVED these gifts! Great choice Amy!! Thanks girl!

Monday, March 4, 2013


It's been forever since I've linked up with Jamie & Michelle for "What I'm Loving Wednesday" & "Oh How Pinteresting".

Let's start with What I'm Loving...

My dress came in last week!! EEEKKK!!! Road trip to Knoxville next weekend to pick it up. Things are getting real around here!
No, this is NOT my dress. I'm not completely crazy yet. However, some of you may find this one attractive, I do not. That's the beauty of this country and everyone entitled to their own opinions. : )

I've started a tanning schedule so I won't be transparent for the wedding. I know, I know...please don't cast the stones against tanning. It's only for the wedding and then it's over. I'm loving that I bought up a small stockpile last year on my Maui vacay in this stuff. I LOVE it. 
I'm LOVING this season of the Bachelor. I'm sorry, what's that, Tierra's Eyebrow?
You found someone who loves your sparkle as much as you do, Little Miss Nevada? How does it feel to be most disliked gal on national tv?
I kid, I kid.

I like Sean, but he got rid of Des and therefore, I don't have a favorite left in this deal. So I just shake my head at all of Tierra's antics these days. In the meantime, I stalk Sean's sister's blog. She's fun and posts great reviews every Tuesday after Monday night's episodes.

Annnnd now, here's some of my favorite pins from this week.

Love this gorgeous tulip wreath! Who's ready for Spring?!!
OK, so up until I started started dating Stephen, I had never had brussell sprouts. It was one of those veggies you just hear so many negative comments about that you convince yourself you don't like them. So hsi family has them as a side dish like every other night. (Fine, not THAT often, but I'd safely say at least once or twice a week.) Annnnywaaays, they're delish! And this recipe sounded awesome. I even make them now, on my own. I crave these things. Who would've thunkit? 
Then there's this ADORABLE nursery I stumbled across. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color combo. I think it would be perfect for a future little Stafford!!
And, what's Pinterest good for if you can't find something that just leaves you laughing ten minutes after you find it? Well, that's what this pin did for me. And it miiiight've been photoshopped, but you know what, I don't even care this time because it is THAT hilarious. gets me......every....single....time.

That's all I got...can't wait to check out everyone else's loves and pins this week!

Check out all the fun at Jamie & Michelle's blogs!

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Happy Wednesday ladies!

7 Months

I wouldn’t say that wedding planning is “consuming” my life just yet but we are most assuredly dangling on the edge.

We are a little less than 7 months away from the main event.

Shower Dates have been set.
A dress has been purchased & has arrived for pickup in Knoxville.
A bridesmaid dress has been selected.
A location has been reserved.
A FABULOUS cake is on order.
A reception d├ęcor plan is in place.
Personalized napkins have arrived.
Gifts are already being received.
Engagement Photo session is scheduled.
Names and addresses are being assembled for THE list…the guest list. (in a neatly organized, alphabetized spreasheet....really, did you expect anything else?!)

So the ball’s definitely rolling in the right direction. All signs point toward September 28th being a successful day. 

It is still a beyond surreal feeling that this is all for me. That I’m not in a bridesmaid’s role this time, and that I’m not the one working on shower plans, but yet the one whom shower plans are being hidden from. It’s all very exciting right now, but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t moments of nervousness that sweep over me from time to time. Not a “should we be doing this” nervous, but an anxious and overwhelming nervous. 

I hope over the course of the next 7 months to blog about our planning adventures, as long as they don’t….
A: bore you, as the reader, to death
B: annoy you because that’s all I talk about

There’ll be a nice good mix of blog topics but there will definitely be a fair share of wedding related posts.

Bear with me. This is my life at the moment, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.