Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Jamz

I just had the overpowering urge to write that title with a “z”…it’s what the cool kids do.

I’ve been wearing my iPhone out this summer so far playing the same songs…over. and over. and over.

When  I get attached to certain tunes I like…I tend to play them on repeat until I can’t stand them anymore. Ok, not entirely true, I always love them but there comes a point when I just get tired of them for a few months. Totally my fault…I’ll own it. Anyone else do this, no, just me? Mkay.

Here are the songs that I’m listening to this summer….are any on your playlists?

Kenny Chesney, “When I See This Bar” – I’m a huge KC fan, but the past couple of years nothing of his has really struck me as great…and finally, here comes this one and my faith in him has been restored.

 Dierks Bentley, “Bourbon in Kentucky” – Dierks is my main squeeze (behind Eric Church, of course) and this new song from a new upcoming album is a new feel and sound for him. Just my opinion. But I LOVE it. Can’t wait to hear more!!

 Charlie Worsham, “Could it Be” – This fella is new….at least I think he is. He’s one of my XM radio finds. That’s one of my favorite things about paying for a radio subscription…it’s not the same 12 songs over and over…it’s people you haven’t heard of yet, but will soon enough because they’re pretty dang good.

 Eli Young Band, “Drunk Last Night” – I’ve been following this Texas based band for several years now….their harmonies are great and the music behind the words is always catchy. Like DB, I can’t wait to hear more from the new album!
Jake Owen, “Anywhere With You” – Ok, so I’ve known this song since the album came out in 2011….for 2 years this song has been my favorite on the album and it’s finally hit mainstream radio. 2 years and I still love singing along everytime!

Lady Antebellum, “Goodbye Town” – I don’t think there’s anything these 3 can do badly. They just rock. And secretly when I sing along with them, I just KNOW I could be the band’s 4th member. Whatdoyasay Charles, Hillary & Dave? Interested?

Little Big Town, “Your Side of the Bed” – Seeing as how I just praised Lady A, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this…I believe, with all of my heart, that LBT has the  best harmonies in the music industry, not just country, the ENTIRE industry. They’re just lovely!

Looking back on what I just wrote, I realize that 3 out of the 7 referenced alcohol in someway shape or form in their titles…bar, bourbon, drunk. Sheesh…makes me sound like a lush. Which I assure you I am not, quite the far opposite actually. I don’t drink at all. The songs are catchy and I’ve taken a liking to them…that’s the point of this story.

What are your Summer Jamz for 2013?