Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding In Progress

Stephen has pretty much given me full reign on this wedding thing. That being said, I still run almost everything by him, but his answer is usually the same, "whatever you want babe."

Living in a Pinterest wedding world, I've tried really hard to not let it get to "pinterest-y". You know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that. Inevitably, there are some Pinterest inspired ideas that you will see. But they definitely have my own flair added to them.

There is alot of DIY projects in progress for this shindig, and I'm not going to lie, everything's been pretty enjoyable to work on. And because we started on little projects so far in advance, HOPEFULLY we won't be so stressed in the week or two before the wedding trying to get so many things done. (famous last words)

Here are a few sneek peaks into what we've been up to...

 Any guesses on what this is going to be??
We were thrilled and blessed to have so many family members volunteer to spend a good chunk of their Saturday to come out and help us address and get our invitations ready. This was our assembly line in progress. 
We've made a trip or two to Lowes...because let's be honest, if you're going to have a DIY wedding, you're going to HAVE to make a trip or two to Lowes. This particular one was with three of our besties and we we may have had a little too much fun in our local Lowes store. (Eventhough, they all look thrilled in this picture, ha, they really were having a good time.Then there's Patrick just off in the back entertaining himself.)
After one of our wedding showers, same said besties helped us haul all our gifts back to our apartment, unload and unpack, then we got all fancy and ordered take out and gathered around the coffee table for dinner. (More on that shower later on..it was FABULOUS!)
That particular wedding shower was hosted by Stephen's family. His grandma was in charge of making chicken salad. Which meant, we were all making chicken salad the night before the shower. We ended up with 26 lbs of chicken salad. They went on the whole, "would rather have too much than not enough" theory.

....they had enough......for an army......and the navy.
My college group of friends are having me a shower next month and sent out these invitations over the weekend. I kinda love that line they added in there. The backstory is that there's 13 of us, I'm the last one to get married. 
Annnd.....Monday marked the big day! Invitations were mailed out!! I sent the future hubs this picture and text that said, "no turning back now!"
We're closing in on 40 days.....yikes!! 

Can't wait to share more with you in the coming weeks!!

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