Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adventures In Moving...Part 2

The move is complete….with the remaining few random boxes and totes laying around that you just don’t know what to do with yet. Pesky rodents.

Stephen and I decided to rent for the time being. I know there are several who will say and have said we should’ve bought…but for us at this time, it’s just not for us. We’re fine with renting for a while and buying later on.

One great advantage of living in a college town, there are PLENTY of rentals out there. We started looking about two weeks after TTU got out for the summer…smartest move we could’ve made. Because it was the rental property companies’ “turn-around season” we scored an EXCELLENT apart for a great deal. 2 bedrooms, 2 ½ bath, large living room, kitchen and laundry room and small deck outside. New, clean, and with the new, clean smell. The company knocked off quite a few $$ for us because it was ready to go and they didn’t have any new renters shopping at that time.

We got keys and signed papers on a Monday. Got electricity turned on, cable upgraded, wi-fi set up, cleaned...all the preliminary jobs. 

Then on Friday we had some help moving in and hooking up our washer & dryer...then we just sat around and the floor....because we hadn't moved any furniture yet. #highclassfolks

So the official Moving Day was on a Saturday (June 29th to be exact) and we couldn’t have done it without the wonderful help of our family and friends. (Well we could have but it would’ve taken FOR. EV.ERRRRR. and could’ve possibly ended the relationship before our marriage. I kid, I kid.)

I had everything ready and waiting for the “movers” to come at 10a. I had A LOT of stuff. I knew this from the get go. I was prepared for how many trips it would take and how I’d have to unpack stuff. What I was not prepared for, was the emotions that would hit me like a brick to the face.

I was leaving my HOME. It hit me quick. The first piece of furniture out the door…the love seat…this was all really happening. I had to walk away. I’m such a wuss. I thought I was so prepared and organized and I was…I had been so preoccupied in preparing for the move that I hadn’t taken the time to think about the leaving part. I was leaving my home. Cue the tears.

I ended up crying 4 more times that day. #wimp Thankfully it was just me and my mom when the BIG tears started to flow. Bless her sweet, sweet heart. 
That's her.....she was a trooper and cleaned the place once everything was out. And held me when I cried like a big 'ol baby. Ugh.

 Once it was all said and done…the feeling and emotions of being totally overwhelmed sank in and I lost it again. (that was the 4th time I cried.) #wimpagain

Slowly but surely, it all started coming together and we were emptying boxes left and right. And before we knew it, it started feeling like a home…OUR home.

Fast forward a month and a half and there's still a few boxes left that haven't found their home yet. ANNND...there's ALL the shower gifts we've received. We've had two showers since we moved at the end of June and we have two more to go! At some point, once everything is put away and frames are hung on the wall and wedding decor items are gone away with, I'll post a little "home tour" for you....but be forewarned...that's MONTHS to come. 

In summary:

Packing and moving is for the birds.
You will quickly realize how BLESSED you are by the help that others are willing to extend your way in giving up their weekend to help you.
Life is better when it’s not packed in cardboard boxes.
And, home is where you make it to be. 

Annnd....if you move, do the next tennants a favor and CHANGE. YOUR. ADDRESS. For the love people. I get more mail for the girl who lived her before we did than I get of my own mail!
This was a stack of mail I accumulated for her in less than a week. Pretty sure chick just up and ran away and didn't tell ANNNYbody. So yeah, show some courtesy, change your address. 

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