Thursday, June 20, 2013

May & June (so far) in Brief Review..

This guy graduated from Kindergarten! I had pictures from his little ceremony, but it was gym they weren't really blog worthy pics.
For his gift, Stephen and I gave him a night with us! Ha...I know, I know, we are just TOO thoughtful. We did have fun though.

We played outside and drew self-portraits. (Riley's drawing is the middle one.)

 He asked me to draw two fishes and he wanted to write our names on them.

Then we went to dinner at O'Charley's..his pick. Pardon the glasses look. I've been MISERABLE with allergies this season, and this particular day was one of the worsts. Ugh...pollen. 
Then one day I woke up and they were same as gone! My eyes were clear, my nose was clear, I didn't sneeze 57 times in 2 minutes. It was glorious!! 
I painted initials on my sister's annual classroom Mother's Day project. Her kiddos paint the flower pots, I paint on the mom's initials, Dana plants the flowers. Everybody wins. I also worked on several other paint projects. 

At work we celebrated my 2nd favorite holiday of the year...National Donut Day. All jokes aside on the 2nd favorite holiday bit.

Remember this post about all the loose change that my Dad gave me to roll for wedding money...well....that paid off and my friendly banker (aka the bestie) was super pumped those suckers were rolled.

This little dude finished his first year of tball. Quite honestly, this one could care less about playing..or even being on the field. Several times this season, we'd look over and he's just walk off the field. In the middle of the game. Could care less. But isnt' he cute though?!?!

His brother on the other hand, takes it VERY seriously. This is the last season of tball for Riley & his pals. They move up to Coach's Pitch next season.

This year, after tournament play, they finished in 4th place out of 12 teams in league. Not too shabby, Cardinals!

And every ball players' favorite after game tradition....a convertible ride with their dad! (Yes, they're both in booster seats with seatbelts...holy moly, Colin's big enough for a booster seat now?! Dear Time, Please slow down. Kthanks.)

Stay tuned...coming up next, my adventures in moving! It brings out the best OCD side of me! ; )

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