Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Every year in our county, all the elementary schools participate in "Festival of Movement" towards the end of the school year.

Basically each school practices the same "dance routine" with the kids chosen to participate for that year. So all the 1st grades do the same routine, all the 2nd grades, so forth and so on.

It's a really neat thing to go watch. I've never been, but wouldn't you know, our little Riley was chosen to participate for the Kindergarten class at his school!

Riley's school is in the red shirts..front and center... & he's on the first row, last on the left.
 Kindergarten had an animal theme routine...hence the painted faces...

I swear...cutest thing...ever.

And for the grand finale every year...the 2nd graders in the county perform with parachutes. Trust me, watch this whole video. These kids have got it together!

(Mine and Stephen's commentary is free of charge...you are welcome.)

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