Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adventures in Moving...Part 1

I named this "Part 1" because I'm SURE there'll be more stories to share in the coming weeks! So here's the quick version...

For the past 5+ years, I've had an apartment by myself which has been just PERFECT for me. I have LOVED it so so much. It's just right for me. But maybe not just right for Stephen & I as a married couple. Not wanting to buy a house out of the starting gate, we decided to go apartment hunting. 

We had NO trouble at all finding the perfect one for us. It was the first one we looked at and fell in love with. It's a great place to share as our first home together. We are SO excited for this next chapter in our lives to begin. 

As you're reading this, this week is "moving week" for me. We decided that I'd move first (to avoid paying rent at two places), so it's here upon us just like that. 

For the past month, I've spent the majority of my weekends, packing and organizing and purging. I made one HUGE trip to the dump thanks to the help of my daddio. Made three trips to a storage unit and about the same amount of trips to S's parents' house to store stuff there. The downfall of our new place (as is with most rentals) there is ZERO storage space, which I had ALOT of at my current apartment. So that's been my biggest challenge through all of this. I have no shame in admitting I have ALOT of stuff. That being said, it's NEVER been as organized as it is now and I got rid of ALOT of junk in the past month. 

As I've been packing for my move this week, there's been things happen or things that I've noticed that I've felt was worth sharing. For starters, when I moved in 5 years ago, I found this old hutch at an antique store, splurged and bought it. It's my favorite. Now it's empty and looks lonely...this started making everything sink in a little more. 

This was one of my 3 trips a couple Saturdays ago to the storage unit. I packed my SUV as tight as could. That little darlin' holds alot more than she looks like she would.

Over the past 5 years, I've had 3 Pampered Chef parties if I remember correctly, and thank goodness I saved those boxes...those are the BEST boxes for packing!! FYI. This is how I labeled all my boxes going to storage so that I could easily see what was in each one and go straight to what I needed.

This is part of the "ALOT of stuff" comment from earlier. I LOVE seasonal dish towels, pot holders
and oven mits. My mom is aware of this and sees the need to buy me some every holiday every year.
After this particular night of going through them all, I told her not to buy me anymore....ever.

Then I hit my medicine cabinet...and by the looks of this pic (sorry for the blurriness) you might think I have serious problems. Heck, it made me think I had problems. Rest assured, I do not. I just don't don't throw junk away.

Annnnd then, there's the bridesmaids dresses. In the past 5 years here, I've only walked the aisle 4 times, so these beauties joined the other 10 back at my parents' house. I need to get rid of these...especially the older ones that I definitely won't wear ever again. One of these black ones has been worn twice, score on that. And there's the dress that started it flower girl dress from my aunt and uncle's wedding 25 years ago. I briefly entertained the idea of my flower girl wearing this dress, but have since changed my mind.

So as moving week ensues, I look back at my first apartment with nothing but love and wonderful memories. I will miss this place more than I can explain. It's taught me so much these past 5 years and turned me into the adult that I am today. I am more independent than I ever imagined being and it's all thanks to this place that I've made my home. 

Now it's time to get ready for having my first "permanent roommate." : )

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  1. I also hoard seasonal kitchenware. I was kind of ashamed at the sheer amount I had, when I was packing it all up a few weeks ago!!