Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adventures in Moving...Part 1

I named this "Part 1" because I'm SURE there'll be more stories to share in the coming weeks! So here's the quick version...

For the past 5+ years, I've had an apartment by myself which has been just PERFECT for me. I have LOVED it so so much. It's just right for me. But maybe not just right for Stephen & I as a married couple. Not wanting to buy a house out of the starting gate, we decided to go apartment hunting. 

We had NO trouble at all finding the perfect one for us. It was the first one we looked at and fell in love with. It's a great place to share as our first home together. We are SO excited for this next chapter in our lives to begin. 

As you're reading this, this week is "moving week" for me. We decided that I'd move first (to avoid paying rent at two places), so it's here upon us just like that. 

For the past month, I've spent the majority of my weekends, packing and organizing and purging. I made one HUGE trip to the dump thanks to the help of my daddio. Made three trips to a storage unit and about the same amount of trips to S's parents' house to store stuff there. The downfall of our new place (as is with most rentals) there is ZERO storage space, which I had ALOT of at my current apartment. So that's been my biggest challenge through all of this. I have no shame in admitting I have ALOT of stuff. That being said, it's NEVER been as organized as it is now and I got rid of ALOT of junk in the past month. 

As I've been packing for my move this week, there's been things happen or things that I've noticed that I've felt was worth sharing. For starters, when I moved in 5 years ago, I found this old hutch at an antique store, splurged and bought it. It's my favorite. Now it's empty and looks lonely...this started making everything sink in a little more. 

This was one of my 3 trips a couple Saturdays ago to the storage unit. I packed my SUV as tight as could. That little darlin' holds alot more than she looks like she would.

Over the past 5 years, I've had 3 Pampered Chef parties if I remember correctly, and thank goodness I saved those boxes...those are the BEST boxes for packing!! FYI. This is how I labeled all my boxes going to storage so that I could easily see what was in each one and go straight to what I needed.

This is part of the "ALOT of stuff" comment from earlier. I LOVE seasonal dish towels, pot holders
and oven mits. My mom is aware of this and sees the need to buy me some every holiday every year.
After this particular night of going through them all, I told her not to buy me anymore....ever.

Then I hit my medicine cabinet...and by the looks of this pic (sorry for the blurriness) you might think I have serious problems. Heck, it made me think I had problems. Rest assured, I do not. I just don't don't throw junk away.

Annnnd then, there's the bridesmaids dresses. In the past 5 years here, I've only walked the aisle 4 times, so these beauties joined the other 10 back at my parents' house. I need to get rid of these...especially the older ones that I definitely won't wear ever again. One of these black ones has been worn twice, score on that. And there's the dress that started it flower girl dress from my aunt and uncle's wedding 25 years ago. I briefly entertained the idea of my flower girl wearing this dress, but have since changed my mind.

So as moving week ensues, I look back at my first apartment with nothing but love and wonderful memories. I will miss this place more than I can explain. It's taught me so much these past 5 years and turned me into the adult that I am today. I am more independent than I ever imagined being and it's all thanks to this place that I've made my home. 

Now it's time to get ready for having my first "permanent roommate." : )

Thursday, June 20, 2013

May & June (so far) in Brief Review..

This guy graduated from Kindergarten! I had pictures from his little ceremony, but it was gym they weren't really blog worthy pics.
For his gift, Stephen and I gave him a night with us! Ha...I know, I know, we are just TOO thoughtful. We did have fun though.

We played outside and drew self-portraits. (Riley's drawing is the middle one.)

 He asked me to draw two fishes and he wanted to write our names on them.

Then we went to dinner at O'Charley's..his pick. Pardon the glasses look. I've been MISERABLE with allergies this season, and this particular day was one of the worsts. Ugh...pollen. 
Then one day I woke up and they were same as gone! My eyes were clear, my nose was clear, I didn't sneeze 57 times in 2 minutes. It was glorious!! 
I painted initials on my sister's annual classroom Mother's Day project. Her kiddos paint the flower pots, I paint on the mom's initials, Dana plants the flowers. Everybody wins. I also worked on several other paint projects. 

At work we celebrated my 2nd favorite holiday of the year...National Donut Day. All jokes aside on the 2nd favorite holiday bit.

Remember this post about all the loose change that my Dad gave me to roll for wedding money...well....that paid off and my friendly banker (aka the bestie) was super pumped those suckers were rolled.

This little dude finished his first year of tball. Quite honestly, this one could care less about playing..or even being on the field. Several times this season, we'd look over and he's just walk off the field. In the middle of the game. Could care less. But isnt' he cute though?!?!

His brother on the other hand, takes it VERY seriously. This is the last season of tball for Riley & his pals. They move up to Coach's Pitch next season.

This year, after tournament play, they finished in 4th place out of 12 teams in league. Not too shabby, Cardinals!

And every ball players' favorite after game tradition....a convertible ride with their dad! (Yes, they're both in booster seats with seatbelts...holy moly, Colin's big enough for a booster seat now?! Dear Time, Please slow down. Kthanks.)

Stay tuned...coming up next, my adventures in moving! It brings out the best OCD side of me! ; )

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Every year in our county, all the elementary schools participate in "Festival of Movement" towards the end of the school year.

Basically each school practices the same "dance routine" with the kids chosen to participate for that year. So all the 1st grades do the same routine, all the 2nd grades, so forth and so on.

It's a really neat thing to go watch. I've never been, but wouldn't you know, our little Riley was chosen to participate for the Kindergarten class at his school!

Riley's school is in the red shirts..front and center... & he's on the first row, last on the left.
 Kindergarten had an animal theme routine...hence the painted faces...

I swear...cutest thing...ever.

And for the grand finale every year...the 2nd graders in the county perform with parachutes. Trust me, watch this whole video. These kids have got it together!

(Mine and Stephen's commentary is free of are welcome.)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Taylor's New Room

A couple years ago, I had the great pleasure of painting a super girly canvas for my friend Valerie's stepdaughter.

Recently The White family moved into a new home and Miss Taylor got a new room and bathroom. 

Valerie picked out the cutest bath & bedding coordinates from Kohls and asked me to paint a couple matching owls. 
I just LOVED the colors in the bedding and bath accessories...that was my main focus. To step outside the traditional hot pink and lime and throw in these other fun color combos. 

I ADORE how they both turned out!!
Thanks again Val! Hope Taylor loves her new space!!