Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Colin & Hannah

When Riley started going to daycare, there was another baby in the class, Colin, that as they grew they became best buds. Now they're both in the same Kindergarten class.

When our Colin was born and started going to daycare, there was another baby in the class, Hannah, that as they grew they became best buds. Now they're both getting ready to turn 4.

SO there's Riley & Big Colin and Little Colin & Hannah? Make sense? Oh and Big Colin and Hannah are brother and sister.

When we're all around each other, yes, that's how we refer to the Colins..Big and Little.

(And if you're new to this blog, you're probably assuming that Riley & Colin are my own kids, but they're not..they're my nephews who feel like my own and are loved like my own. I digress..)

Recently Big Colin & Hannah's parents remodeled their bedrooms and she ordered canvases to match each of their new room's.

We love those Johnson kids...and I have a feeling they'll be around our family for many years to come as they all grow up together.

In fact our Colin has his sights set on big picture as he recently asked Hannah to marry him at the sweet age of 3 years old.

Unfortunately as he says though, "Nobody will marry me.....Hannah said no." Chin up kid, you've got time to win her over!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Anna is 1 !!!

Anna is my dear friend Angela's daughter. You may have read about her here, here, here, or here, and probably a few other times on this blog in the past year and few months.

Anna turned 1 back in March and Nate & Angela hosted the cutest little party for her! It was a gorgeous Spring day for a Pink Lemonade Party!!
 The Campbell's.
 Angela did a great job on the birthday chalkboard!
 She wanted NOTHING to do with her smash cake. Nothing.
 Anna's dad made this Lemonade stand by hand. Perfect touch!

 All gathered round for present-time!

 Her first pair of Converse shoes!

 Stephen & I got her a plush picnic set...sooooo stinkin' cute! You can find it here.
 Angela made this super cute banner with Anna's monthly pictures featuring the monthly onesies I gifted her at one of her showers.
 Love how this turned out!

  Anna is a doll-baby! We can't wait for her to be our flower girl in September!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Season is Coming..

Wedding orders have been coming in as the season for Bridal Showers is starting to vamp up.

I've been getting several "neutral tones" orders and of the same design. But, I am not complaining because I think they're turning out great!

Cindy ordered this for a family member's wedding..

Krista ordered this one for one of her co-worker's...

Thanks for the orders ladies! Hope all the newlyweds love them!