Thursday, April 25, 2013

Playing Catch Up...Brought to You by the iPhone (Part Deux)

My dad always pays in cash. It's very rare you will ever see him bust out the credit card or check book. Because he pays in cash, he accumulates ALOT of loose change. That change gets thrown in a box.

One day he said, "If you'll roll that change box, you can have it for your wedding money." I have no problem rolling change so I jumped on it. I asked him where it was, "it's in the back bedroom..guarded by a basket of superheroes."

(the back bedroom also happens to be my nephews' playroom at my parent's house)

Annnnd, this is as far we've gotten. It's all separated and $300 in quarters has been rolled. We've still got some work to do. 
I recently spent a good half of my work day out in our "powerhouse" at the hospital. This is just one of our boilers that produces heat and hot water for our hospital. Yes, I work in Maintenance. It's a man's world..I just try and keep them in line. It's also fun to know that we keep the entire place running, literally. It's a good gig.
 List, list, every where a list....two tball schedules and a weekend "to-do" list.
 Thank the good Lord for Cookeville having a Hobby Lobby. It's pretty much like a 2nd home for me.
And now, I'm going to get a little vane and conceited and share some selfies. I was "pinspired" you might say to pair black and brown together recently. Success! Doesn't it make the BIGGEST difference to your day when you just feel GOOD about how you look?
Changed my hair up one week before our engagement pics, because, hey, why not, right?


After...with darker hair and caramel highlights and le bangs.

I'm in love with bangs so bring 'em on & get yourself some! 

And why not end this with some scary album art brought to you by my absolute fave, Mr. Eric Church? His live recorded album came out last week and I just swoon. If you're not like some of us and haven't seen him live a dozen times, do yourself a favor and get tickets to the show nearest you. 
Told you it was scary. He on the other hand, is not.
You are welcome.

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  1. That is an insane amount of change! Very kind of your dad :)