Monday, April 22, 2013

Playing Catch Up...Brought to You by the iPhone..

I've had a few painting orders here and there the past few weeks. This was one I made for my cousin Amanda's office. She picked the color combo of her sorority and I kinda love that.

I had been having some pretty bad pain and numbness in my left arm down to my pinky & ring finger. It continually got worse, especially the numbness. After about 6 weeks, it scared me enough to finally go to the doctor. 

Turns out there's a nerve from your elbow that runs down your arm and controls the pinky & ring finger. And it was all because of the way I sat at my desk at work. I leaned on that arm everyday all day long.

Diagnosis: Pinched nerve - the ulna nerve

Treatment & Prognosis - wear an elbow brace and take an anti-inflammatory for a week & change my desk set up. (This required some minor physical changes...)
 And sure enough a week or so later, I was back to normal. Glad we caught that sucker in time. In the worst cases, the only fix is surgery to clean out around the nerve. Yuck & no thanks.

Dana sent me this pic one night of the boys...they said they were twins. I said, "When did they start wearing wife-beaters?" Sheesh..they look old.
 She also sent me this gem one morning with the caption: "This is how Colin came into our room this morning."
Poor fella....gotta love having boys in the family.

Our town has grown tremendously during my lifetime, it's a "college town"...but at the heart of it's still a small town, with small town politics and everybody knowing everybody else's business. I kinda love that too.

So when I was younger, I used to go straight for the Living section of our local Sunday paper just to see the engagements, wedding write-ups and bridal registry listings from local stores.

Some time ago, because of those good 'ol small town politics, all of this just stopped. The paper was bought out, started charging couples to post their engagements, stores pulled their registry ads, people stopped get the drift.

So when I registered at one of those local stores, I had NO thought of ever seeing my registry in the paper..they just didn't do that anymore.

Until last week, when all of a sudden, BAM...there it was again!!!
Now it may very well be the ONLY time between now and September 28 that this graces our newspaper, so you better believe I snatched up a few copies on Sunday night when I heard it was in there!

In other news, we're starting to plan our honeymoon...initially we were going to do a cruise, but we've changed our minds and now we're headed to Destin, Florida. A little R&R on the beach seemed right up our alley.

I've never been to Destin...anyone have suggestions on things to do, places to go, places to eat? Any and all recommendations welcomed!!

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  1. I hear Destin is amazing. Some friends of mine went last year and they absolutely loved it. We actually thought about vacationing there ourselves this coming summer!