Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easter Recap

To say that I'm behind in blogging is quite an understatement but I'm hoping to catch up in the next couple of weeks. "HOPING" being the key word.

We had a fairly simple and easy Easter this year. Everyone's plans and schedules just worked out perfectly over the course of that weekend where no one was rushing from one place to the next. It was quite enjoyable!

To set the mood, here's my only Easter print from this year...a larger 20x24 ordered by one of my very best customers Amy Harris. I'm tellin' ya..this girl...has kept this like hobby of mine in business since last Fall. Love her & her sweet kiddos. 

In other Easter news, we still have an egg hunt, more like an egg & candy pickup, at my grandparents' house every year. Yes, it's mostly for the newest generation ranging from ages 10 - 3 but the older kids...cough, cough, me....still like to get in on the fun...and by fun I mean pick up every Reeses egg I see within sight. 

Don't judge.

 Then things took a turn from the ordinary....

I"m not sure what these three were looking at, but it sure caught their attention.
 Then our grandma had Rob put the top back on the birdbath. One thing quickly led to another...
 Elizabeth was unsure of her egg hunt findings...
 Rob continued to work on the bird bath...then he realized that the "positions" of the birds might be a little "risque"...
 His exact words, "Ila Mae...cover your eyes..this is NOT appropriate for you."
 So he removed the bird statue and somehow it all spiraled downhill from there. The next thing we all knew we were making jokes about it being a small baptismal pool, Robert runs inside and quickly comes back having crafted a pope hat out of newspaper.
I stole this from my cousin's IG....the front two were the intended picture. The three peeping in behind them and me taking a flying leap are your photobombers. #success
 And that was our Easter. 

Have I mentioned I love my family? 

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