Monday, March 4, 2013


It's been forever since I've linked up with Jamie & Michelle for "What I'm Loving Wednesday" & "Oh How Pinteresting".

Let's start with What I'm Loving...

My dress came in last week!! EEEKKK!!! Road trip to Knoxville next weekend to pick it up. Things are getting real around here!
No, this is NOT my dress. I'm not completely crazy yet. However, some of you may find this one attractive, I do not. That's the beauty of this country and everyone entitled to their own opinions. : )

I've started a tanning schedule so I won't be transparent for the wedding. I know, I know...please don't cast the stones against tanning. It's only for the wedding and then it's over. I'm loving that I bought up a small stockpile last year on my Maui vacay in this stuff. I LOVE it. 
I'm LOVING this season of the Bachelor. I'm sorry, what's that, Tierra's Eyebrow?
You found someone who loves your sparkle as much as you do, Little Miss Nevada? How does it feel to be most disliked gal on national tv?
I kid, I kid.

I like Sean, but he got rid of Des and therefore, I don't have a favorite left in this deal. So I just shake my head at all of Tierra's antics these days. In the meantime, I stalk Sean's sister's blog. She's fun and posts great reviews every Tuesday after Monday night's episodes.

Annnnd now, here's some of my favorite pins from this week.

Love this gorgeous tulip wreath! Who's ready for Spring?!!
OK, so up until I started started dating Stephen, I had never had brussell sprouts. It was one of those veggies you just hear so many negative comments about that you convince yourself you don't like them. So hsi family has them as a side dish like every other night. (Fine, not THAT often, but I'd safely say at least once or twice a week.) Annnnywaaays, they're delish! And this recipe sounded awesome. I even make them now, on my own. I crave these things. Who would've thunkit? 
Then there's this ADORABLE nursery I stumbled across. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color combo. I think it would be perfect for a future little Stafford!!
And, what's Pinterest good for if you can't find something that just leaves you laughing ten minutes after you find it? Well, that's what this pin did for me. And it miiiight've been photoshopped, but you know what, I don't even care this time because it is THAT hilarious. gets me......every....single....time.

That's all I got...can't wait to check out everyone else's loves and pins this week!

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Happy Wednesday ladies!


  1. I'm totally ready for Spring and I wouldn't mind having that Tulip Wreath hanging on my door. So pretty! The dress on the other hand is definitely NOT my taste!!!

  2. That tulip wreath is gorgeous! I don't hate on tanners.. my dermatologist actually asked me to tan recently and I was like.. whattttttt? It's just the super tanners that you have to be concerned about. Your body needs the vitamin D! Oh and the last pic.. photoshopped or not..

  3. that dress is GORGEOUS but there is no way i would be caught dead in it! does that even make sense? hahaha (:
    love your post, i`m totally following you now.
    have a great day!