Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not out of Spite.

At some point on this blog, I'm sure I've mentioned that way way back in the day I was in Nursing School in college. In fact, went all the way through half of my Junior year before I decided, nope, it wasn't for me. So, I switched gears and never looked back.

Now, I still work in a hospital, just in a different setting.

I have the utmost respect for nurses and the jobs they do, the care and concern they show their patients and families every day, the responsibilities they have, and the lengths they go to to ensure their patients receive the best care possible.

One of my most favorite nurses, is my cousin Amanda, who is now the Director of Nursing for a local Home Health agency. Which is a whole new ball game from the hospital setting and possibly even a tougher field to play on.

(I'm not quite sure how I just related Nursing and Baseball but hey, it works.)

During Christmas Amanda ordered two canvases for co-workers for a gift swap.

 Funny story on Sally Sprite....
Turns out that wasn't her name. She was really Sally Spite. No "r". No Sprite. Maybe I was thirsty when I wrote down the order. Either way, I flubbed, big time.
So I whipped a new one after Amanda caught my mistake. Whoopsie. So just imagine this one without the "r"...looks great doesn't it?

As many orders as I had for the holidays, it's a wonder that I didn't flub more than this one. 1 out of 83 ain't bad peeps.

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