Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reason #847 Why I LOVE My Grandma

I am convinced that "nesting" isn't just for pregnant women. It is also for brides-to-be. I have the sudden and overwhelming urge to clean, organize, rearrange and purge. I feel the need to get all of this done in order to make room for new stuff and the Mr.'s stuff.

Monday night I cleaned out my closet. (feverishly before The Bachelor came on…priorities, ya know.)

I managed to fill a trash bag with shoes for donation, a trash bag of clothes for donation, and 4 trash bags of trash.  I also found $76.70. Not in one place, but nonetheless, I found $76.70. It’s like I paid myself to clean my closet! You’re probably wondering where the title comes into play.

Well, in one bag that I found buried in the back, I found a medicine bottle, wrapped with a paper towel. I could tell there was a note with it, so I unwrapped it to find this…
Apparently in 2006 both my grandmother and I had bad coughs. She got the Rx medicine then lent it to me, which is totally legit, right? 

But what I LOVE more is her own “Doctor’s orders” note she left with it. And just in case I didn’t believe her, she put the doctor’s name on it. Bless her.

I also love the line about taking it if “cough is bad, not just coughing now and then.” I love her. With all my heart. Always have. Always will.  (I’m pretty sure I’m keeping this note forever.)

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