Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Don't you just LOVE random fun holidays? No? Just me? Alright.

Over the weekend S & I had a little impromptu pre-Mardi Gras dinner with some friends of ours. I volunteered to make the King Cake. And before you go thinking that I went to OH SO much trouble...I'll burst your bubble and tell you that I didn't. I found a super easy recipe on the internet last year and it was my go-to again for this year.

It's not the fairest of them all but it ranks with yummiest.
 We headed over to the Wilsons where Emilee didn't disappoint with the tablescape.

 After dinner, we cut into the cake to find the baby! (Everyone's favorite part of a King Cake.)
*WARNING: The next pic might be a little gross to some readers. See, I used a little cherry filling in this year's cake. And well....like I said earlier....not the fairest cake of them all.*
So if you are like me and do celebrate the random holidays for the fun of it, HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!

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