Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How They Became My Bridesmaids

It is no secret that people refer to me as a "professional bridesmaid." I've heard more sentences that start with, "Have you seen that movie '27 Dresses'?" or "You're like the '27 Dresses' girl!" than possibly any other person on this planet has.

I have been a bridesmaid 14 times.


Once Stephen and I started seriously talking about marriage and I knew it was 99% a done deal, I started thinking about who all I would have. I have family that I am incredibly close to and I have friends that are just as close as family. I knew from the VERY beginning that unless we eloped, it was going to be a BIG wedding party.

I wanted to ask my girls in a "special" way, and it was the during the weeks leading up to Christmas so I just thought it would be the perfect time. Naturally, I ran to Pinterest for ideas but nothing was just screaming at me. Hard to believe, eh? One day during lunch I ran over to my second home Hobby Lobby and shopped around. I saw the plain glass ball ornaments and the idea hit me immediately.
I filled them with epsom salt, wrote the big question, stuck on a few sparkly things and tied them them off with ribbons in our wedding colors. (There's a sneak peek for ya!) Then, I bagged them all up and started making plans to meet up with the gals.
First up was Angela.....AND Anna. (I included flower girls too.) This picture cracks me up. She is definitely her daughter. Look at those faces. 

 Kate was next and boy, oh boy was she surprised!
I planned to give my sister her's first but the stomach virus attacked their house with a MALICIOUS VENGEANCE on this particular week, so I held out on her's a few days hoping I would be spared from catching the bug myself.  (*Disclaimer...Do not be confused, this is not a pouty face. Her's was a little extra special asking her to by my Matron of Honor. I don't think she was expecting that.)

Next was Emilee and this one may be my favorite picture because of that handsome photo bomber in the bottom left corner. What was he wearing?!
I was able to knock out three at one time during a lunch break one day. It was only fitting that I asked my sweet cousins at the same time.

It was also only fitting that I ask my friends Amy & Molly together. Back in the day the three of us were "The W.A.Y. Chicks" as our youth group referred to us. We've been great friends for a long, long time and there's always alot of laughter going on.  

We met Kayla half-way in McMinnville one afternoon. I just love her. 
And last but certainly not least, Miss Audrey. This girl makes me laugh harder than any kid I've ever met and I know she's going to be a ray of sunshine on our big day! Audrey's mom and I are co-workers and have become good friends. Audrey and I clicked the first time we ever met. As soon as she found out we were engaged she was already making plans on what kind of dress to wear...not knowing she'd be a flower girl. (This is also the same girl that told her mom long before I ever met Stephen that, "Erica's getting older..she needs to find a boyfriend to marry so she can have kids.")
 CAREFULLY reading the question....
 The response....."WHY SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So, there ya have it. That's how the 10 best friends a girl could have became the 10 best bridesmaids a bride could have.

Yes, there's 10.

Plus 2 flower girls.

Yes, I realize that's a ton of people.

But I wouldn't have it ANY other way.

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  1. I adore this idea, you did a great job. I'm loving the reaction photos you took as well - such a great moment to capture!