Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let Her Sleep...

Every now & then I'll find something on Pinterest & think, "Maaaan....I'd LOVE to paint that." And every now and then, I get the opportunity to "paint that."

Recently, I was asked to donate a piece to the Baxter Elementary Butterfly Ball, a daddy-daughter date night. Having many friends who's kids are BES students, I couldn't say no.

I took to Pinterest and found this on my "Paint Ideas" board and got to work...
 I just thought this was perfect for little girls!

 I hope whoever the lucky winner was will enjoy it!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ready for Some Christmas Spirit?!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a Paint Party with a great group of girls that were celebrating an upcoming wedding.
Deann, second from the left will be getting married in just a few weeks. What a great way to spend time with your bridesmaids! Her bridesmaid and SIL, Amy (far right), hosted the party at her home and went all out. The food was SOOO yummy and her house was so beautifully decorated for Fall. The bride chose for us to paint a Christmas theme canvas and that's exactly what we did. I love how they all turned out so differently, and all so pretty! This party made me want to turn on some Christmas music on the drive home...don't worry...I didn't....yet. 

Amy also ordered this canvas for Deann for a shower gift a few weeks ago. I just love the classic color combos of black, white & red. So simple and perfect!

Thanks so much for everything, Amy! You're turning out to be a fabulous customer!! (And thanks to my cousin, Amanda who referred me to her...sister, you rock!)

**There's ONLY 1 Christmas Paint Party slot still open!! See this post for booking info!!**

Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Monday Musings

Dropping in today to share a few snippits from life lately. The painting gig is truckin' right along. I recently  made this whimsical fall colored Bible verse print for the youth group at Locust Grove Church of Christ. The kiddos compete at Bible Bowl each year in September and sometime in the weeks afterwards we have a banquet dinner to honor them and congratulate them on their efforts and studying. 

LAST YEAR, I was so busy with other things, that I didn't have time to make them a canvas. It might be a year late, but this is for them...

THIS YEAR the kids studied 1 Samuel and this is the print I made for them. The canvases are displayed in the youth group's classroom and attached on the backs of each are notes of encouragement that members have written for them. 
I also decorated for the dinner...here's some of my handiwork, if you will...

Thursday night is family night...I think I've talked about that on here before, but if not, know we all know. Usually we all eat at my parents' house, but this past week because of different events that happened during the day, a home-cooked meal just wasn't going to happen. Next best thing, you ask? Chinese buffet. ha.

This was Dad's fortune cookie treasure. No lie. For those of you who don't know, my dad is a preacher. Has been for almost 40 years. We found humor in this.
And we found irony too. The Sunday prior to this particular Thursday Family Night dinner was our last Sunday at Locust Grove. Dad made the decision back a few months ago to step down as the preacher there with all intentions of taking a break for a little while. 

However, that wouldn't be the case. Because on Sunday, he started working with a new church who approached him just a few days after his announcement. After alot of thought and discussions with us and prayer, he made the decision to take the job. 

It was sad to leave our Locust Grove family. We've been a part of each other's lives for almost 11 years....they are our family. But, change isn't always a bad thing. I truly believe that God closes doors to open up new ones; and this has been a life lesson in that belief. 
Switching gears....these two knuckle heads came by the hospital one day during their Fall Break to have a milk and cookie and ice cream break with me.

Annnd last of all, I got a fancy new phone. An iPhone 4s to be exact. The dang thing talks to me! I was the girl that swore I'd never get a smart phone...I'll never use it. I'm not going to pay for that. So forth & so on. Yeah I caved....and I must admit....I LOVE this little beauty. (But let me backup and say that I had ZERO intention of getting a new phone any time soon. I just so happen to lose mine on a ride at Disney World the first day we were there, fast forward almost a week, we get back home and I got the iphone and life is pretty swell.) 

I can take cheesy fancy pictures of myself  with it! Who knew that I needed this??! I kid, I kid...I certainly don't NEED it....but it is pretty spiffy to have. 
Remember back in the day when I posted videos for Music Mondays....yeah, fell on that train didn't I? Truth is, nothing's just really hit me lately worth enough to share. Until today...this is Shane Gamble and "Turn My Way". 

Read on below to the next post for Christmas Ordering Deets! There are only 2 Paint Party spots left available!! Contact me soon!

Happy Monday Friends!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas Ordering Info!!

Alrighty folks, it's time to "OFFICIALLY" talk about Christmas ordering. (Even though, I started receiving orders back in June or July..fact.)

As of Monday night, I have 35 orders left to fulfill. THIRTY. FIVE. I have them scheduled out and IF all goes according to schedule, which let's just be real, won't happen every week...I should be done with these current 35 the week of November 18.

Which means, I've got 5 weeks to kick tail.
So here's the ordering deets for all you procrastinators out there...I kid, I kid.

  • I will accept orders until 10pm on Friday, November 9. 
  • There's a possibility I may open up for more orders after November 9 if I see that I can handle more before Christmas. 
  • If you need the order completed by a certain date that is well before Christmas, you MUST tell me that when you place your order. MUST. None of this, "oh whenever is fine" and then two weeks later, "so I kinda need that canvas tomorrow." Let's be fair to each other people. I say all of this sarcastically, but from experience. 
  • I may request a deposit up front at the time of the order. 

Christmas Paint Parties..here's where it gets really fun.
I already have one major party scheduled for November. All other Saturdays in November are booked with just regular life events that take priority over painting. For instance, Thanksgiving, my nephew's birthday....these things come first. Always will.

That being said, here's the bullet points for Christmas Paint Parties...

  • I will offer only 3 parties from now until December 19.
  • You MUST schedule your party within that time-frame. MUST. 
  • Keep in mind, November Saturdays are off the table...think Friday nights, other weeknights, Sunday afternoons. December Saturdays, AT THE PRESENT TIME, are available, but PLEASE schedule quickly. 
  • You MUST have a MINIMUM of 10 party painters. 
  • Booking will remain open until all 3 spots have been taken.
That's it. Clear as mud? Great. 

You've got about three and a half weeks to get those orders to me! I'm ready!!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email. Click on the Contact Page up top to find out how!

Happy Shopping!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012


I started blogging a little over two years ago, with no other purpose (at that time) than to share my paintings with whoever would stumble across my page. 

It quickly became more than that, and I soon found myself in the "blogging" community. Reading other girls' blogs from all over the country but primarily the South. Girls like me, and girls like I want to be one day...wife, mommy, PTO, the works. 

When you read about these people's lives everyday, you get to a point where you feel like you KNOW them. No, I've never met any of them face to face, but I would LOVE to one day. 

Among these said bloggers that I follow regularly is Julee Turner from Arkansas, as are most of the bloggers that I read. I joke with S that if one day when we're married we have to move, I want to move to Northwest Arkansas, because I feel like I already know so many people from there, ha!

I've been following Julee's blog for almost two years and she's a wonderful, wonderful person. She & her husband Matt welcomed their first child, Preslee almost a year ago and it's just been so fun following them now as parents. 

A week ago Sunday, Matt was tragically killed in a car accident on his way home. When I read the news Monday morning, I felt my heart sink, because again, I just felt like I KNEW him through his wife's blog. 

Matt was an evening news anchor in Arkansas; his former channel have posted many videos and reports about him since the accident. This video gives a great glimpse into his life. 

Julee and Preslee have been in all of my prayers since I found out. I just can't imagine what she's going through. She & I are the same age...I just can't imagine, and especially with Preslee's 1st birthday coming up next month. Unbelievable. But Julee has an incredible faith in God that everything's going to work out and this was part of His plan. While it's difficult to understand now, one day it will be revealed. 

There's been an OVERWHELMING outpouring of love and support from the "blogger community" for the Bell & Turner families. Several blogs are linked up hosting Silent Auctions this week with all the proceeds going towards a college fund for Preslee. 

While, again, I don't personally know her and you probably don't either, this is a great opportunity to support  a precious family in a terrible time of loss. An avenue to show your care & concern. 

Click on this link to visit Julee's blog with all of the auction info that her friends have posted. As you scroll down her page, you will find the post she did a couple days after Matt died. You will soon discover her warm and faithful heart.
If you are able, please take a moment to look at the auction items and support this family. As always the greatest blessing you can give them is to pray for them during this new and difficult transition in their lives. 

Prayers always for the Bell & Turner families. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Buzz Around Town

We're back from vacation! (Although you probably figured that out earlier in the week.) I've been playing the catch up game all week long at work and home, but there will definitely be a vacation wrap-up post coming in the near future. The problem is pictures...I have a ton, my sister has a ton, my dad has a ton. There's pictures EVERYWHERE to round up the best of the best. So, that post is coming...promise.

I love when I see new themes for babies nurseries. Owls are really popular right now for both boys and girls and I think they're super cute. I've gotten to paint several owls in the past year.

Another one I love that's popular right now for baby girls, Ladybugs.

But what I've not seen or heard of before this order...

I'm not sure what got into me, but this one is FULL of details and might just be a contender for a top slot on my favorites list!

LeAnn ordered this for a baby shower gift for her sister-in-law. She sent me a couple ideas, told me the color schemes and said, "do whatever." Music to my ears.
I  IMMEDIATELY knew the bee theme had great potential so I started doodling and before I knew it, I had this sketched out and was in love!
This bee hanging upside down just happens to be my favorite one.

Aren't they just precious?!! (Not in real life of course, but in acrylic...they're pretty darn cute.)
I just ADORE the soft yellow and green combo!

Thanks so much for the FUN order, LeAnn! I hope Malia's Mommy loved your gift!!

This afternoon I'll be heading out to a Paint Party for another bride-to-be and her 'maids! They've chosen to paint Christmas theme canvases and I'm super excited to get all my red and green paints together this morning!! Fa, la, la!! Then hopefully we'll make it to a hayride tonight. Christmas & Halloween in one day...it works, right?

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Teacher Gifts, Anyone?

About this time of the year, the Christmas orders start rolling in. However this year, they started rolling in in June. True story.

Annnywhoodles...now's the PERFECT time to get your order in for TEACHER GIFTS!! The holidays will be here before you know it, so go ahead and get  your kiddos' teachers marked off your shopping list!

They will all be done and delivered to you before the Classroom Christmas Parties!

Sneak Peek for Molly on this last one! (Guess it's technically not a "peek" when I put up a picture of the whole thing...finished and all. Oh well.)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tricks & Treats Time

 I love Fall. More than words can express. I genuinely love all 4 seasons. BUT... I LOVE fall. Catch my drift?

I've worked on several "Fall" inspired orders recently. Here's just a couple.

Simple and precious. So perfect. 

Thanks for the order Amy!