Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Christmas Date

I don't about you and where you live, but here in middle Tennessee, there's a BAAAAD stomach bug / virus running rampant through homes. If you've not had it, you know of about 25 people who currently do.

It's bad. And the flu is starting up around here too. Lovely.

My dad and Riley have both had it this past week.

Friday was Colin's Daycare Christmas Party, since Riley was down and out for the count, S & I volunteered to take Colin to his party. He had SO much fun!

The SnowFall Slide was his favorite and where he spent the majority of the night.
 Then he had a self proclaimed "Dance Contest" on stage.
 He crawled through the "Tunnel to the North Pole".
 Then it was time to meet the Big Guy and see what he brought him.
 He was all about seeing Santa, but he said, "I do not want to sit on his lap. I will stand in front of him. I will not sit on his lap." Santa's good...from a controlled distance.
Santa making sure the gift had Colin's name on it.

He got a Mario car!
Two thumbs up from Santa!!
After the party & because S & I were feeling like awesome "parents" for the night, the 3 of us went out to dinner. Colin was on his very best behavior and made us wonder what the big deal was about this whole parenting thing. We got this. HA.
While we hated that Riley was so sick and pitiful at home (and we spent a good amount of time with him when took Colin home) we really enjoyed our night with our favorite 3 year old!
When we took Colin back home, he and S played a couple of games on the iPad & I cuddled with Riley. Then my sister introduced "Elf on the Shelf" to them. Colin could've cared less..he just wanted to touch him which is COMPLETELY against the rules when you read the book. Riley had several questions.

They named their elf, Eric. (After a character from the movie Happy Feet) I think they'll enjoy seeing all of the elf's mischief in the coming weeks!

**I originally wrote this post over the weekend on Saturday and wouldn't you know in true brotherly form, Colin got the virus Saturday night. Poor guys.**

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  1. That daycare party looks like it rocked. A snowfall slide, such a genius idea. Glad you had such a good evening with Colin and praying Riley is doing better now!