Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Time is HERE!

This month, as is any month anymore, has FLOWN by and has been PACKED with many events. Here's a quicky recap from the past week.
S & I went ahead an exchanged gifts earlier in the week because it was just easier. We counted the rock on my left hand as my Christmas gift this year and I will GLADLY accept it! But the boy also got me these pair of burlap Toms I'd been wanting.

I got S Kan's an outdoors frisbee type game...similar to cornhole. He played it back in the Summer with a bunch of his friends and he didn't shut up about it for at least 2 weeks after the fact, so I made a mental note to order one of these puppies and there ya go. The confused expression on his face is obviously before he figured out what it was.
 I also got him a couple of gift certificates for 18 hole rounds of golf at his favorite local course.
 I love receiving Christmas cards!! Like big pink fuzzy heart LOVE. Last week was a HUGE mail week.
Among last week's cards was this one from my friend Angela. I'm keeping this envelope with other "wedding memory" items that we receive. (And yes, she calls me Kleedus....long story of how that started years ago.)
I finally got around to wrapping my presents. Now the tree doesn't look so bare!
Speaking of presents, my friend Lorna got a hold of our Proposal pictures and made a photo book with them. LOVE this and will cherish it forever!!

It's become a tradition with the girl cousins on my dad's side of the family to make tacky shirts to wear at our annual Christmas Eve Night get-together. This is my creation for 2012. It's a tad bit flashy but what says tacky more that sequined owls!?!!
More gifts!! Fiesta Christmas serving pieces....IN LOVE.
S's grandma has stockings for everyone in their family hanging on the fireplace mantel. This year I joined the ranks and they had one made for me!!

And one more wedding-related aunt Linda maaaaay be a wee-bit excited for us. She's brought me all of these books within the past two weeks.
We're going to rock this wedding planning gig!


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