Monday, November 12, 2012

The Monday Mashup

Another contender for this blog title was "iPhone Photo Dump"...maaan, I love this new piece of technology I have. Although I hate that I lost the photos and sweet videos of the boys on my other phone. Oh well. 

There's LOTS to share so here's a little review...

Halloween 2012...our two favorite (& only trick-or-treaters). 
Knowing that we wouldn't be bombarded with visitors on Halloween, I made dinner and this fella was pretty satisfied. 
I had ingredients on hand to make two new dishes that I found on where else, Pinterest. This butter garlic pull apart bread was ahhhh-mazing as is evidenced by how little was left and don't worry...what you see below wasn't left long after the pic.
The MAIN dish...the dish to end all dishes...the one that according to S I can make once a week, take to every function we ever have to go to, make for every time we have guests over...THE DISH. And in his exact words, "You should blog about this!" Ask & ye shall receive.

Simple & oh sooo YUM! Cut up a few potatoes, an onion, a pepper or two and a couple of smoke sausage...drizzle olive oil, salt, pepper & any other seasonings you wish...toss...throw in a pan...bake at 400 for about an hour. Dinner is served. We also had a salad....but you know what one of those looks like.
For a different Halloween event this year, my sister and I dressed up as our favorite insurance mascot...Mayhem. 
Riley's not the BIGGEST fan of this Kindergarten gig, but he's doing really well. Especially when he gets some major help on this homework. 

The LOVELY Julie Wilken made my traditional pictures with the boys for Christmas cards back several weeks are in & cards are ordered, here's a little sneaky peeky. 

Last weekend, I had 2 Paint Parties in 3 days....busy, busy. I just love this mother-daughter duo below! Such sweet sweet ladies!! So glad they got to come and paint together!
Following in big brother's footsteps, little brother's already seeking help for his "homework". 
This past weekend, we had absolutely ZERO plans so I painted....ALOT. And then I got sick and here we are today. 
And I'll leave you with some SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!
Come see me and my "booth" at Tinsel Towne on December 1!!!! YAY! I'm SOOOO excited!! 

**P.S. Christmas Ordering ended Friday...thanks to all who got their orders in before the deadline. Annnd...all 3 Paint Parties that I offered spots for this season have been filled! Thanks to all my party gals rock!**

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