Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Hodges

I first met Brittany YEARS ago, like back in the teenage years, so we're talking 13-14 years ago. No lie. She's a super sweet girl, always has been. Recently Brittany married Nick and they had a GOREGOUS fall wedding. This was what I like to call, a "magazine wedding."

She ordered this canvas for their big day..

These are just a few pics I stole off her FB page (hope you don't mind). 
She had alot of pumpkins and all of them had cutesy sayings on them. However, this one was my absolute favorite. For those of you who don't recognize it, it's Barney Stinson's favorite saying on "How I Met Your Mother."
The new Mr. & Mrs. 
Thanks so much for the special order Brittany! So happy for you & the hubs!! Many, many years of happiness to you both!

**Saturday, December 1st, come visit me and my booth at the Baxter Elementary School "Tinsel Towne" from 10a - 6p!!**

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  1. I just happened to click over to see if you had a cute engagement update...and i see this!! Thanks for the sweet words! Congratulations! Happy wedding planning--you'll love it all!