Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Monday Musings

Dropping in today to share a few snippits from life lately. The painting gig is truckin' right along. I recently  made this whimsical fall colored Bible verse print for the youth group at Locust Grove Church of Christ. The kiddos compete at Bible Bowl each year in September and sometime in the weeks afterwards we have a banquet dinner to honor them and congratulate them on their efforts and studying. 

LAST YEAR, I was so busy with other things, that I didn't have time to make them a canvas. It might be a year late, but this is for them...

THIS YEAR the kids studied 1 Samuel and this is the print I made for them. The canvases are displayed in the youth group's classroom and attached on the backs of each are notes of encouragement that members have written for them. 
I also decorated for the's some of my handiwork, if you will...

Thursday night is family night...I think I've talked about that on here before, but if not, know we all know. Usually we all eat at my parents' house, but this past week because of different events that happened during the day, a home-cooked meal just wasn't going to happen. Next best thing, you ask? Chinese buffet. ha.

This was Dad's fortune cookie treasure. No lie. For those of you who don't know, my dad is a preacher. Has been for almost 40 years. We found humor in this.
And we found irony too. The Sunday prior to this particular Thursday Family Night dinner was our last Sunday at Locust Grove. Dad made the decision back a few months ago to step down as the preacher there with all intentions of taking a break for a little while. 

However, that wouldn't be the case. Because on Sunday, he started working with a new church who approached him just a few days after his announcement. After alot of thought and discussions with us and prayer, he made the decision to take the job. 

It was sad to leave our Locust Grove family. We've been a part of each other's lives for almost 11 years....they are our family. But, change isn't always a bad thing. I truly believe that God closes doors to open up new ones; and this has been a life lesson in that belief. 
Switching gears....these two knuckle heads came by the hospital one day during their Fall Break to have a milk and cookie and ice cream break with me.

Annnd last of all, I got a fancy new phone. An iPhone 4s to be exact. The dang thing talks to me! I was the girl that swore I'd never get a smart phone...I'll never use it. I'm not going to pay for that. So forth & so on. Yeah I caved....and I must admit....I LOVE this little beauty. (But let me backup and say that I had ZERO intention of getting a new phone any time soon. I just so happen to lose mine on a ride at Disney World the first day we were there, fast forward almost a week, we get back home and I got the iphone and life is pretty swell.) 

I can take cheesy fancy pictures of myself  with it! Who knew that I needed this??! I kid, I kid...I certainly don't NEED it....but it is pretty spiffy to have. 
Remember back in the day when I posted videos for Music Mondays....yeah, fell on that train didn't I? Truth is, nothing's just really hit me lately worth enough to share. Until today...this is Shane Gamble and "Turn My Way". 

Read on below to the next post for Christmas Ordering Deets! There are only 2 Paint Party spots left available!! Contact me soon!

Happy Monday Friends!!!

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