Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas Ordering Info!!

Alrighty folks, it's time to "OFFICIALLY" talk about Christmas ordering. (Even though, I started receiving orders back in June or July..fact.)

As of Monday night, I have 35 orders left to fulfill. THIRTY. FIVE. I have them scheduled out and IF all goes according to schedule, which let's just be real, won't happen every week...I should be done with these current 35 the week of November 18.

Which means, I've got 5 weeks to kick tail.
So here's the ordering deets for all you procrastinators out there...I kid, I kid.

  • I will accept orders until 10pm on Friday, November 9. 
  • There's a possibility I may open up for more orders after November 9 if I see that I can handle more before Christmas. 
  • If you need the order completed by a certain date that is well before Christmas, you MUST tell me that when you place your order. MUST. None of this, "oh whenever is fine" and then two weeks later, "so I kinda need that canvas tomorrow." Let's be fair to each other people. I say all of this sarcastically, but from experience. 
  • I may request a deposit up front at the time of the order. 

Christmas Paint Parties..here's where it gets really fun.
I already have one major party scheduled for November. All other Saturdays in November are booked with just regular life events that take priority over painting. For instance, Thanksgiving, my nephew's birthday....these things come first. Always will.

That being said, here's the bullet points for Christmas Paint Parties...

  • I will offer only 3 parties from now until December 19.
  • You MUST schedule your party within that time-frame. MUST. 
  • Keep in mind, November Saturdays are off the table...think Friday nights, other weeknights, Sunday afternoons. December Saturdays, AT THE PRESENT TIME, are available, but PLEASE schedule quickly. 
  • You MUST have a MINIMUM of 10 party painters. 
  • Booking will remain open until all 3 spots have been taken.
That's it. Clear as mud? Great. 

You've got about three and a half weeks to get those orders to me! I'm ready!!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email. Click on the Contact Page up top to find out how!

Happy Shopping!!!!

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