Monday, September 17, 2012


Back in August, the hospital I work at hosts a two-day Golf Tournament that raises money for different funds through the CRMC Foundation. I was fortunate enough to "work" the tournament both days again this year. It's a tough gig sometimes, but duty calls.
Girls just wanna have fun!
Golfers play one round of 18 holes on Thursday, then that night is the big Celebrity Dinner. These are by far some of the hottest tickets in town.
This year's celebrity was former Major League Baseball player, David Justice, who spent the majority of his career as an Atlanta Brave. The man's decently tall.
His speech at the dinner was really great. His playing days may be over, but he's got awesome stories to share from on and off the field. As he puts it, if his "famous" name can draw people in to raise money for worthy causes, that's his calling in this stage of his life now.
Me and my friend Amanda. Love her. 
Can't stay out and party too late, because we're all back out on the links early the next morning. 6am to be exact. Two rounds of 18 hole golf is open on Friday. Our tournament is getting quite a name for itself as being one of the premier tournaments in the state. Not to sound TOO full of myself, we do put on a pretty good show. 
Getting the early golfers registered. In two days there were roughly 400 golfers signed up to play.
One of the advantages Friday golfers have is meeting the celebrity who spends a good portion of the day out of the course with the players just hanging out, signing autographs, taking pictures, and even taking some swings with them. 

I can't say enough good things about this guy. He's so sweet and kind and welcoming. Annnnd...pretty easy on the eyes too. He just made us swoon. 
Mindy & I with Dave.

News Channel 5 always has a team that plays and they're super nice guys too. I got the opportunity to first meet them last year and was thrilled to see them again this year, including my favorite morning man, Steve Hayslip. (green shirt...last's year's tournament shirt actually). 
The Channel 5 guys had a big time with Dave. Yeah, I just called him Dave. We're pretty much friends for life now.
I'm not sure exactly what was going on, but it almost seemed like an interview being recorded.
Barb, Amy, Amanda & I with the Channel 5 crew. 
Then the GREATEST moment of the day happened. My grandpa is a tried and true Atlanta Braves fan. During the highs, the lows, winning years, rotten years...Pa just loves his Braves. He doesn't miss a game. So  my aunt and I had an idea to surprise Pa by bringing him and my grandmother out to the course to meet David Justice. My aunt brought them out without telling my grandpa who was going to see. We walked him down to where Dave was and asked him, "does that guy in the black hat look familiar?" He said, "Well.....I reckon that's David Justice!"  The following pictures capture the moments that I will hold forever in my heart as being some of my favorite lifetime memories.

This was the 10th anniversary of the tournament, and only my 2nd. With wonderful memories like this, it will be HARD to beat this year!

Thank You, David Justice, for making my grandpa smile for days on end! I will never be able to repay for that moment and this memory.

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