Tuesday, September 4, 2012

200 Recipes

I'm in love with Pinterest. Yeah? You too, huh? I love it more than Facebook. Don't get me wrong....I still get the majority of my gossip from FB, but Pinterest just grabs my attention more these days.

When I logged in last weekI realized that I was a mere ONE SINGULAR pin away from having 200 on my "Recipes" Board. Is that sad? Or rather something to be mildly amused by? It amused me, so go with me.

I decided to do a blog of the recipes I've tried from Pinterest..the winners AND the losers.

Let's start with this fresh apple cake. SUPER DUPER easy (that's reason #1 why I love Pinterest) and pretty tasty. I made this just a couple of weeks ago to take to a church fish fry (true sign of being a Southerner if I do say so myself) and it went over pretty well. I give this one a solid A.
 Next is the one pan, chicken, potatoes, green beans contraption. You arrange your pan like this, sprinkle a packet of dry Italian dressing mix over it and bake it. Well, I didn't have a packet of Italian on hand but I did have Ranch, so I figured, eh, can't screw it up that much. It turned out ok. I forget how long the original pin said to bake it, but it was NOWHERE NEAR being done following the directions. It took like an additional 30 minutes. Ease factor, it's great. Taste, eh, it was ok. I'll definitely try Italian next time. I give it a B-.
 Then there's the red velvet cheesecake swirl brownies. A+. That says it all.
The Oreo Pudding Poke Cake. My sister tried this first...said it was AMAZINGLY wonderful. I tried it and I messed it up. I let the pudding set and get like a pudding should, instead of pouring it right on the cake as soon as I mixed it up. Big mistake. My fault. Had I not done that, it'd get some sort of A. (Just based on my sister's try at it.)
 Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bars. I figure...this has got to be a great breakfast option. WRONG. Yuck. Awful. F.
Coconut Cream Cake. Easy & Delicious!! The hardest part of this recipe was finding a can of Cream of Coconut at Kroger. Luckily S's dad is the store manager at our local Kroger. After wandering the store about 10 minutes looking for the blasted thing, I broke down and sent him a text. Literally 27 seconds later, he's walking towards me holding out a can of Cream of Coconut. He's a good man. I give this an A+. (P.S. Cream of Coconut can be found in the aisle that has all the alcoholic mixed drink ingredients.)
The Pioneer Woman's Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa Cake. This was my VERY FIRST pin EVER. It holds a special place in my heart. It's easy & so good. A great go to recipe when you need to whip something up from things you have in your pantry. A+. I heart P-Dub!
The dessert that makes us feel like fat kids....a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of Oreos, and a layer of brownie batter. Bake it and ohmiwordinheaven.  There just aren't enough words to describe how sinfully wonderful this thing is. I made this during of last Christmas's many get togethers and it was a crowd pleaser!! A+++
Overnight Oatmeal....it's easy and it's a great grab it and go breakfast option. However, it takes a little bit to get used to the cold oatmeal taste. Once you do (if you do) you're good to go. I'd recommend it. It's a solid B.
 Lemon Bars made with an Angel Food Cake Mix. Easy....but not AS tasty as I had imagined. I'd say it deserves a C+. I'll probably give it another whirl one day and see if bake time affects it.
So that's it...my favorite and eh, not so favorite Pinterest recipe finds.

And what pin made #200???

This Mexican Cornbread Salad!
I'll try it...someday, and let you know how it goes. What have been some of your favorite Pinterest Recipes that you've tried? Let me know!

Find me on Pinterest here to check out all 200 Recipe Pins!!!

Happy Tuesday Fellow Pinners!!

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