Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WILW ~ Birthday Edition!!'s my birthday. The day that I turn 29 and stay that way forever. I'm not sure why 30 scares me right now, and thankfully, I've got another year to figure it out...but time flies quickly and it'll be here before I know it.

What I am most definitely thankful for are my wonderful friends and family who make my birthday so dang awesome. And that's what I'm LOVING on this Wednesday!
Last night, we had dinner with my parents, S's parents, my sis, BIL and the nephews. I picked one of my favorite local places, Mauricio's...YUM. Guys, if you're ever in this area and in need of an Italian food fix, you MUST stop by!
Colin and my dad
For a 5 year old, the kid loves his salad!
Riley took my camera and started making pics himself...this is mine and Stephen's shot. Can we say future engagement photo for the local newspaper?? I think....probably not.
And this is the closest picture I was able to get with both boys at the same time and you can see, they had other plans for the picture.
THEN...there's the cake my dad ordered. He's started this thing in the past year where he's gotten us all custom cakes that are fit to our personalities or likes and are just too cute to eat. So this year, I opened the cake box and squealed like a little girl.."OH IT'S AN APRON WITH TULIPS...AND IT'S name's misspelled." Insert uproarious laughter for a solid five minutes. Somewhere between the exchange of handwriting between my dad and the cake lady, Erica became Erika. Oh made for a good memory and the cake was still as delicious as ever!
Then, people sang to me.
 And we blew out candles.
 And we cheesed it up for the cameras.
Present time...from the "in laws"...S's mom makes jewelry and it's GORGEOUS. Several weeks ago I showed her pictures of the infamous "baubble" necklace, she made her own version and I just love it! S's dad gave me a box of earplugs for an upcoming trip we're all going on. Apparently my roommate (cough, cough, S's Granny) snores....badly. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty dang excited about that trip now!!
 My BIL got me this t-shirt...can you guess what's on the back??!!
 It's a MAYHEM shirt!!!! Sometimes it's the simple things that make my day!!
 S started a charm bracelet for me!! I just love it!
And back to the simple things and how well some people know me....
This morning, Lorna brought me my very on Soft Kitty that sings the song to me. For those of you completely lost or think that we're completely nuts and need to be working on the 5th floor psych unit...
What are you loving on this Wednesday?? Any other birthdays out there celebrating today?

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  1. Happy Birthday girly! Looks like you've had a great time, love that all state shirt too... hilarious!

  2. I am soooo jealous of your mayhem shirt! so jealous!

  3. I have to know how you got the Mayhem shirt! My 10-year-old son loves those commercials:)! Thanks and happy birthday!

  4. i love all of these necklaces here!

    Have a wonderful day! Stop by and say hello! :)