Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twin Treats...Volume 1

I've recently had the great, great pleasure to paint for two different sets of twins. The piece I'm sharing with you today was ordered by a co-worker of mine for a baby shower gift a couple weeks ago. Next week, I'll share another order for 3 year old twins, Makayla & Marshall.

But for today, it's all about Emmitt and Sawyer.

When Emily told me the colors of the nursery were light blue, yellow and red, I instantly thought of Curious George. I don't know why....I just did.
Now, if you were careful in reading the the first few lines of this post, you'll have noticed I spelled Emmitt with an I and in the painting it was Emmett with an E....well....sometimes, that happens. And then you pray really hard that you'll be able to fix it.

And sometimes, it works...voila...

I just LOVED this canvas..spelling mistake and all...just LOVED it. The color combo was so fun to work with and a change from the regular baby boy color schemes. LOVED it. 

Thanks for the order Emily!! Hope EmmItt and Sawyer's parents loved your gift!!

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