Monday, August 20, 2012

Twin Treats - Vol. 2

As promised last week, here's another installment of twin treats!! This time it's for 3 year old brother & sister twins, Marshall & Makayla!!

M & M turned 3 this weekend and celebrated with a BIG party! Their mom ordered these canvases to match their party decor and then afterwards, to hang on their bedroom door. Gotta love dual functionality!!

The idea started from the sample invitation that Mindy found online at this cute Etsy shop.
From this invite, I came up with these canvases...

 Mindy sent a picture from the party Saturday with the canvases on display for the birthday kiddos.
 And after all the partying was over, they found their way to their new home.
Happy #3 Marshall & Makayla!!! Many, many more to you two!!

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