Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photo Dump from the Cellular Device

Last week I visited Nate, Angela and most importantly this precious child. I got to play & cuddle with her as much as I was hoping to and now a week later, I miss this sweet face. 
A couple days after I left, she turned 5 months old and Ang sent me this...ohmiword.
Then I came back home and started painting my little heart out with a little help from the pooch. Truth is, it stormed pretty bad Saturday morning and he's DEATHLY afraid of thunder and WILL NOT leave your side. So I pretty much just had to paint around him. Bless.
 Stephen surprised me at work earlier this week and showed up with these beauties. The boy does well!
Oh, and I painted some more. If you ordered one of the "Let is Snow" specials from the Christmas in July Sale...surprise, it's done!!
And because I love them so, here are my pretty tulips today finally opening up a bit. I just love him!
Happy Thursday!! BIG weekend coming up involving a wedding, my "nephew" Ben's Birthday Bash, a baby shower, a visit to the Vet and so much more!! Who's excited?!

But next week folks,.....what we wait all year for.....

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