Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Messes

Happy Monday again friends!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. We had a nice, laid back one. I should've taken pictures but I was a loser and didn't. 

Friday night the boy and I went to dinner then shopped (for over an hour I might add) for a new game. The initial intent was a new game for the Kinect, but we weren't able to come to an agreement, so a board game was the way to go. We bought 20 Questions, and I rock at that game. We played 4 games Friday night and poor guy didn't win once. (mmmmuuuuwaaaahahahaahaa.)

I spent a good chunk of Saturday painting before we headed to a post 4th of July family get-together. We took 20 Questions with us and played with 6 other people instead of the two of us...he still didn't win. Bless him. His time's coming. 

Sunday afternoon, I painted and painted until I painted myself into a corner. Literally...
The important to note from this mess is that progress was made. And I am an avid supporter of progress. The goal is to get all of these done before Friday because we're taking off Friday for a Gatlinburg weekend with the fam. Unlike progress, I am NOT an avid supporter of Gatlinburg...I don't know, it's just not my ideal destination, but it's close enough for a weekend get-away and I'm super excited for some great family time and fun!

Here's a sneak peek for later this week...
Enjoy THIS day!

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