Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chase & Taylor

When Stephen & I are started dating, our circle of friends grew instantly. He came into the relationship with alot of friends and I came into the relationship with alot of friends. And we just so happen to share a few of the same friends. I'm a few years older than he is, which is odd, because I always, always, always older, even it's just 2 months, date older. And, wouldn't ya know, the good Lord had a slightly different plan in mind for yours truly. 

So the majority of my friends are married and have babies, some starting on round 2 with kids. And the majority of his friends are engaged or recently married. (I blogged about his friends, Matt & Ashley here.)

His friends, Chase & Taylor are getting married next month and everyone is so excited for them! 
 They are super sweet couple and have been so nice and welcoming to me.
 Not to mention there was a Couple's Shower last month that was ahhh-mazing. This is the gift that I took for them. They loved it!
We have such a great time with these two and all OUR friends. We're so excited for Chase & Taylor & look forward to August 11!!

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  1. I just came across your blog, and I love it! Hope we can follow each other on blogger and on bloglovin!