Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Anchors Aweigh

Back some time ago when the History Channel set the world a'fire with it's "Hatfield's & McCoy's" miniseries...which was PHENOMENAL by the sweet friend, Marie, who is my amazing "nair artist" requested a sign she could hang on the door to her guest bedroom. The guest bedroom that her husband's parents would be staying in that weekend.
Her specific request was just too fitting for that time and all the buzz about the movie. She asked for it to simply say The Outlaws and be a nautical theme...ok, so the nautical part has NOTHING to do with "The Hatfield's & McCoy's".
Some refer to one's spouse's parents as "in-laws" but in these parts, they're sometimes referred to as "outlaws". Because we all love each other and get along so well. True story. Outlaw is a word of endearment....most of the time, and more importantly in this particular situation.
I'm so glad Marie and her family share a sense of humor and I'm glad they enjoyed their visit to Tennessee. We welcome those kinds of outlaws anytime......most of the time.

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