Friday, June 8, 2012

Wedding Week Deets Vol. 3

It's time for the final installment and photo dump of Sarah & Robert's Wedding! YAY!!

Ceremony time was slated for 6pm. At 6am that morning, the forecast for the day was all doom and gloom. By 9:30am the decision was made to move the ceremony inside the church. Everyone frantically started working to make things happen.
 The reception would still be held outside under the tents, so we went ahead with putting out the linens and started bringing out some of our masterpieces from the day before.
 In progress...
 This is how the church auditorium ended up looking...
 Originally this was all supposed to be outside in the pretty green open field with 400 white chairs...not too shabby for a last minute switcheroo.
 Pew decor.

 The Guest Book
 Hundreds of programs ready and waiting.
 Sign at gift table
 Outdoor Decor
 After a BUSY morning, all of a sudden it was time to get ready!
 Sarah with her niece and nephew, Rob's nieces, and her cousins Sammy, Riley & Colin

 Half the wedding the other half got cut off.
 My sister, mom and our cousin Elizabeth's daughter, Lorelei

 Homeboy & I
 My fam....I love them so.
 Our dresses were by the same designer, same fabric, same color....we just got to pick the style we were most comfortable in. Our dresses and Sarah's came from White Lace & Promises in Knoxville. Gorgeous store. Anyways, I digress, again. Our dresses had pockets. Which might've been my favorite feature. In my pockets, I was able to keep lip gloss, mints, a handkerchief and my camera....throughout the whole day! I walked down the aisle with all that stuff on me and nobody could tell. So since I had my camera, this is the very very last picture RIGHT before we walked down the aisle. (After us girls had a little moment to ourselves and shared some tears of joy.)
Ready for Sarah

 Look at this!!
How HAPPY are they?!!
Reception time
 Guests coming in for dinner.
 Remember that wrap from the last went to good use on a chilly May night.
 Ready for their great escape....
But not before we set the night afire with a ton of sparklers!!!!
 Rob has a love and passion for fireworks. Every 4th of July and NYE he puts on a great show for us, so it was truly the most fitting element to the wedding for their to some form of fireworks.
 The rain finally showed up after it was all said and done.
 Then came the tear down and clean up or Hurricane Brady 2012 as I like to call it.
 We picked up TENS of thousands of rose petals from the aisle. Jared enjoyed them one last time.
 Eventually, I got home and sat down for the first time that day and started un-doing my pretty wedding hair. 43 bobby pins later, I called it a night.
A Successful Night. 

And that's the story of Bridesmaid Dress #14! 13 more to go!!!! Watch out Katherine Heigl!!

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