Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding Week Deets - Vol. 2

Anyone who has ever been part of a wedding knows good and well how BUSY the day before the shindig is. This particular Wedding Eve did not falter from that.

I got in my car bright and early on Friday to head to the church after a looong day and night before, and this was the scene in the passenger seat. 

A pink plastic tiara, a bottle of Nasonex and a beach towel.....yeah, we partied like rock stars. HA. I couldn't EVEN type that without laughing. 

 Tents were up! Chairs, tables, benches, linens and supplies started coming in by the trailer fulls.

 Is it redneck that some of the wedding stuff came in a cattle trailer???
 The father of the groom....what a trooper.
 Candles went into hundreds of holders.

 Flower arrangements started being assembled.
 Sarah worked on their "guest book."
 Then, we broke for lunch under the tent.
 Nothing says pre-wedding day lunch like Stroud's BBQ & fruit tea. YUMMY!!
 Then, it was back to work. Mrs. Cindy gave us a crash-course tutorial in floral arranging and off we went!
 Finished products...
 "Officially" Licensed Florist can now be found on my resume for all those wondering.
 Our groom gettin' a lil' bit tipsy.
 400 chairs set up in the field? Check.
 Various guests arrive for Rehearsal in the field? Check.
 4 Cousins / Bridesmaids? Check.
 One photo-bombing bride? Double Check.
 Bouquets Made and labeled? Check.

 A successful & delish Rehearsal Dinner with family and friends? (And another photo bomb?) Check.
 Self portraits with my younger cousin and "twin" Ann Marie? Check.
Pretty scarves / wraps that can also be fashioned for headdresses? Check. 

 The next few are brought to you by my cousin Jared. Let them serve as examples to you as to why NOT to host a dinner in a bank building.
 Because this could be your desk.
 Jared Anderson, he's for 'Merica.
 Anderson 2012.
Then we got sad because we knew that after tomorrow, we wouldn't see our two favorite people for like a week and a flippin' half! Stupid honeymoons.
One happy couple ready to pledge the rest of their lives to each other and anxiously awaiting the next day? 


  1. wow what a family affair it looks like for this wedding and you had to set up 400 chairs. that is a large wedding. i love the vintage look and the bouquet and flower selection are gorgeous

  2. I am absolutely in love with your orange/pink dress! Where on earth did you find it and can I buy it online? Ha!

    1. Why yes, yes you can!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.