Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Week Deets - Vol. 1

This is the week! Wedding Details will finally be revealed from Sarah & Rob's BIG day!! There's so much to share from this special, special day that I've decided to break it down into three posts. Now I've got you hooked! (Ha, alright, well maybe not, but it sounded like a good hook line.) Or how soap operas always managed to throw good cliffhangers on Fridays! Maaaan....I loved "As the World Turns" for that! Miss that show....I digress.

Preparation for this wedding started as soon as the engagement ring came back in October. Fast forward 7 SHORT months and wedding week was upon us! Total chaos started on Thursday prior to the wedding on Saturday. 

It played out a little somethin' like this...

MASSES of flowers arrived by the truckloads. (However, I will admit, this pic was taken after about half o the flowers were already unloaded.)

These beyond beautiful peonies were brought in just for the bride's bouquet. 
Lots 'o flowers and candles were Sarah's top requests and the mastermind behind all the decor delivered!
Then we laid a tarp down and unwrapped, unboxed and sorted ALOT of flowers. 
 And ALOT of roses.

Then we unpacked and sorted a hodge podge of candle holders / flower arrangement holders. 
 And my aunt Linda, our beloved Mother the Bride, kinda fell in love with this piece.
 And I kinda dumped water by the pitcher full into a trash can to keep a ton of weeds greenery alive.
 The MOB and Bride with the mastermind behind these ceremonies, the very very VERY talented Mrs. Cindy. Whose work just so happens to include Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton's Wedding Shower. Yeah, she did!
Then we folded programs by the hundreds.
 Sarah kept on with the thank you cards.
 We folded some more.
 And the final pre-wedding thank you card was written.
 Then we walked down to the pretty, green, open field that would be transformed into the ceremony site in the coming days. (Or so we thought at that time.)
We finished the night with a last minute Bachelorette Dinner! Mallory, #2 from the left, was a bride herself two weeks after Sarah's wedding. And Christy, #3 from the left, just got engaged this past weekend! Love is in the air!!
Yes, white girl was W-H-I-T-E. Don't worry, I went and got myself spray-tanned later that night. Much later. Like 11pm later. But that's a different story. And at the risk of making myself mad remembering why it took so dang long.....I will skip that story.

That wraps up Wedding Week 2012 - Volume 1. Volume 2 includes the aftermath of the Bachelorette dinner, how we all became licensed floral artists, how to unload a horse trailer full of wedding supplies, the Rehearsal, and why you should never host a Rehearsal Dinner in a bank's conference room. 

Now, THAT is a cliffhanger!

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