Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Small World

Once upon a long, long time ago, I had this little blog redesigned by the beautiful Faith at A Design of Faith and I fell in love with my blog all over again. (Speaking of Faith, she blogs here, and is expecting twins!! Exciting times for this pretty lady!) Back to storytime...

So I decided to host a giveaway to celebrate the new look of T&A.

A few days later, we had ourselves a winner winner!

Mrs. Amy picked a super cute quote for her canvas and chose the colors. The rest was up to me! I may or may not have a small obsession at the present moment with all things chevron, so it took approximately 2.1 seconds to decide what to paint for her.

Gotta love customers who say, "just do whatever you want."
 It was pretty late one night when I snapped these pics, so there's ZERO natural light, which makes the peach color look a tad NEON. I promise...no neon. Straight-up peach.
Random story about Mrs. Amy...I posted the giveaway on my Facebook. She and I were not Facebook friends at that time. However, my sister was FB friends with her and she posted a link to my blog that day too. That's how Amy found me and T&A.
My dad's a preacher, and the church that he worked with and I grew up at from the age of 6 to 18, was home to a precious older couple, Mr. & Mrs. Bray. I loved them dearly. They treated me like I was their granddaughter and before long, I was going home with them on Sundays between church services to spend the afternoon. They are truly some of the dearest memories that I treasure.
Mr. & Mrs. Bray had a son, Kevin. Kevin was a High School Basketball Coach. Kevin ended up marrying Amy, and they had a daughter Bethany. Mr. & Mrs. Bray finally had their own granddaughter! Years passed, I grew up, my dad started working with another church, Mr. & Mrs. Bray would both pass away from this earthly home, and somehow through the bonds of today's social media, Amy BRAY would find this  little blog and enter my little giveaway under the name "A. Bray". After a few email exchanges, we figured out who the other one was!!
And in my own strange little way, I feel like this quote fits the Bray family perfectly. They are kind, they are generous, they have hearts made to be servants. I will admit, I teared up a little bit when I got finished with this piece...memories of so many Sunday afternoons flooded me.

I am BEYOND honored to have painted this for you Mrs. Amy and I hope you and Bethany enjoy it. I know another sweet lady who would've smiled big at it too!!

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