Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teacher Time!

You know how I can tell the School Year is coming to an end? My sister just dropped off a box full of flower pots to be personalized for each of her student's to give to their moms for Mother's Day again! (Insert blog post from almost a year ago that can be found here.)

Annnnywhoodles, so the school year is wrapping up and you might be frantically trying to come up with a small, yet meaningful gift to give to your child's teacher in appreciation for putting up with teaching your kid all that he or she has learned this year. Or maybe you're a planner and have your ducks in a row, and have this "End of the School Year Teacher Gift" thing in the bag. 

I personally like to think that your life is just as crazy as mine, and probably more, and you haven't even thought of getting a gift yet. Why not a cute, personalized painting from moi? Just a suggestion!

The possibilities are endless! More importantly, time is running out!! Contact me today!

Oh, Oh...Eric Church...3 days!!! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! (This is where I totally squeal like a little girl. No shame there. Nope.)

Here's the song I've been singing for a year now...the world's finally catching on!

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!


  1. Those are adorable! I'd like to order one in the next month or so for my daughter's nursery. Do you have an online site or something to place orders?

  2. Just check the Ordering page at the top for info on how to get started! Thanks so much!! Look forward to hearing from you!