Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Saturday Night Church-Goers

So I promise that after today, my fanatical posts about Eric Church will come to an end. Ok, they probably won't come to and end....I just promise to ease up a tad. 

Saturday was the long awaited day for this.....

 S & I headed down to Nashville early to go by the Tennessee Arts & Crafts Association (TACA) show at Centennial Park.
 S's mom makes BEAUTIFUL jewelry, so she was set up over the weekend making and selling her pieces.
S found the guy who makes fudge. I resisted, but boy it looks yummy, right??!!

We had dinner at PF Chang's before the concert. (Sorry no pics..I was a little preoccupied by how loud it was in that place that night and people-watching all the prom kids.)

Then we scooted down Broadway and made our way to Bridgestone Arena. I could tell from the buzz in the air that it was going to be a FUN night!

First up Brantley Gilbert...a perfect pairing with EC. (Oh, and thanks to the chick in front of us..our "concert friend" Shelley who had a waaay better camera than mine. We became Facebook friends to share her pics. Thanks girl, you and the hubs were the PERFECT people I wanted to be around us at this concert! Thanks for having as much fun as I did!!)
Then, we got a little excited that EC was next up!! Ok, fine....I was about to wet my pants and I told S to make an excited face. He LOVED it!!
THE. Man. 
The band disappeared in ALOT of smoke during "Smoke a Little Smoke." Clever.
We had WAAAAAY to much fun at this thing. I just can't describe how GREAT of a performer he is. Not because he moves all over the stage and has all these screens and lights...because he doesn't. He has passion. And you can see it EVERY. SECOND. He LOVES country music and he LOVES sharing it with his fans. If you EVER have the opportunity to see it. You will NOT regret it. I was worried that we'd be stuck around some people who wouldn't stand up, dance around, sing along or have a good time and that was not even the case! The ENTIRE arena from the floor to the tip top row stood...the ENTIRE show. It was INCREDIBLE!!

So, was good. (Good might be the understatement of the year.)'s a couple sneak peekers for you!
 This one is such a sneak peak you can still see my pencil marks on it!
Happy Hump Day!!!

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