Monday, May 7, 2012

Ferb, I know what we're going to do today! (And the start of Wedding Week!)

Let me just start by saying that the concert Saturday night did nothing less than ROCK MY WORLD. Rest assured there will be an entire post this week about this BEYOND FABULOUS night!!

For now, it's time for a quick story. Thursday nights have become "Family Night". My mom is off on Thursdays, so she does whatever she does on her off days, picks the boys up early from daycare, takes them back to her house and the rest of head down after we all get off work. She fixes a wonderful meal for us and we all sit around the table eating and gabbing. So the Thursday before Colin's birthday, Dad had this cake made for him to have on Family Night. 

Isn't it the CUTEST thing!! 
Birthday Boy was SO surprised!
Birthday Boy's Brother wanted to show off his Angry Bird ring from a daycare birthday party that day for his friend whose name is also Colin. So we have "Big Colin" and "Little Colin". 
They had just as much fun sticking the candles in Phineas and Ferb's noses. 

Happy Boy!!!
Two days later, we partied at Cane Creek Park on a HOT April afternoon.
 It was WINDY that day. There were plans for cute, bright colored table covers and centerpieces, but we decided it just wasn't worth the fight that day.

Adults sat and sweated. Kids ran like wild banchees and sweated. 
 Then we sang.
 And sang some more.
 And I guess the singing wasn't that great, because the kid got up and walked off. (See..candle still burning.)
 It was a hard negotiation, but we got him to come back to make a wish!

 Birthday CAKE!!!!!

 I'm fond of this one. ...the picture and the boy.
 A little help from Hannah, who Colin says, "That Hannah...she's a great girl!" PRECIOUS!!!!
 Then, we threw chunks of old bread to the ducks down at the lake.

 Riley & Big Colin aimed for big ducks.
 Then we loaded up three cars and took the party back home where we did our post-party tradition of letting go balloons and making a wish.
 I started this with Riley on his 2nd birthday and we've done it with both boys ever since. We let go however many balloons that corresponds to the age the boy just was. Then, we (for example) "Say Goodbye to 2!" Make a wish and say Hello to 3!
 Keeping up with this celebratory Monday post, today marks the beginning of Wedding Week!!! YAY!!! We are so excited for Saturday!!
 AM & I met Sarah & Rob at a Florida airport almost a year ago with these signs. Making fools of ourselves, acting like we hadn't seen them in years when in reality, we saw them the previous day. Some of us drove to Florida, but Sarah & Rob flew. Who doesn't love grand gestures when they're picked up at airports, right??
 Anyways, they're both goofballs and both perfectly made for each other! I love them both so much!!
 Let's have some Wedding Week FUN!!!
Here's a little wedding music sneak peek into the bride's entrance!! GORGEOUS choice! Love me some VSQ tunes on a Monday!


  1. What a cute cake.... not as cute as those kiddos, though :)

  2. Looks like Colin had a good birthday! It's always fun when you get to celebrate twice :)
    Yay for wedding week. How exciting!!