Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Love You Forever

At some point when I was little (personally, I think it was somewhere around Kindergarten, but she says different) my sweet Mama got me this book,
And I think she or my dad read it to me no less than 43 times each week. Soon enough I had it memorized and could "read" it myself. Then before long, I really could READ the book. 

The point is, this book is super special to me and my parents. To this day, she signs cards to me, "Love you forever, Mom & Dad."

Last month, I went to a baby shower for my 3rd cousin (true mark of a Tennessean right there!). Kelly & Josh didn't have a name picked out for their baby girl yet, but did have some CUTE bedding ready. I started racking my brain on what "generic" painting I could do and truth be told, had ALMOST decided not to paint anything at all. But, you know me, I just couldn't do that! 

Then came the lightbulb moment late one night! "Love You Forever"!! YES!! But use one of repeated quotes from the story and paint it to match the bedding! YES!!

To finish the gift off, I included a copy of this precious book. We're all so happy for "Cousin Kelly" and Josh and can't wait to meet their baby girl!

In a way, look at this as a Belated Mother's Day Post if you will. 
To My Mom, Love You Forever!

Another precious mom in our family, is my Aunt Samantha. A couple weeks ago I shared with you her diagnosis of breast cancer. Since then, she has had surgery to remove the cancer. Tomorrow, she will begin chemotherapy. If there's ever been a lady with strength, dignity and a positive attitude to fight a battle that lay ahead of her, this is your gal! Prayers and love to her as she continues the fight!
Love her forever!

Who do you love forever today?

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