Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Fun!

It's WEDNESDAY which means it's Link Up Day!!!

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Riley & Colin have been running around alot lately humming or singing parts of this song. And it's just the most precious thing ever. Great song, great meaning!
How cute and resourceful is this idea?! I loved it so much, there's already one in my kitchen!
I love fruit pizza in the Spring and Summer months! Dumb me, never even thought about making them on individual sugar cookies for mini pizzas! Brilliant!!
I love Photo Christmas Cards and I can't bring myself to throw them away, so this was a great idea to keep them and keep them organized year by year!
I fell in love with this wreath for Summer! I stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked up bunch of these little umbrellas to get started on making one!
Are any of you watching GCB? If should be. Period. It's quite possibly the funniest show on TV right now.(Behind Big Bang, of course.) I can't thank my friend Emilee enough for telling me about this one!! This show makes me want to move to Texas!
My friend Jenna and her hubs Jonathan welcomed a new little girl into their family a couple weeks ago..she is a DOLL! I went to Etsy for cute gift ideas and came across this super cute birth announcement print from the shop Scribble and Scribe Paper Company. How precious did this turn out?! Love it!
Yesterday Sonic celebrated Tax Day with Happy Hour ALL friggin' day.
My sister and I took off work early Friday to go to Knoxville and get fitted for our b'maids dresses for Sarah's wedding. We threw in a MASSIVE trip to Target along the way back and dinner at Panera. I'm glad we don't have either of these where we live. Because if we did, I would surely be B-R-O-K-E.
Now c'mon...who doesn't love a good soup and bread bowl?? I mean, really.
This was the scene of the crime last night in my living room. I dream in yellow dots right now.

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Happy Wednesday chickies!!


  1. I love to make fruit pizza for spring and summer too!!
    I saw the same thing on always makes me look genius!!!

  2. fruit pizza! so fun & tasty! and how great would that be at a party ?

    Have a happy Wednesday! {I have a giveaway going on & would love for you to enter..}

  3. Such an awesome idea for al the Christmas cards! I've been trying to figure out how to keep them and so far I hadn't figured anything out (although, to be quite honest I haven't been thinking that hard about it). I also love that jar for pretty cupcake liners. So cute!

  4. great minds must think alike... i have that same fruit pizza pinned!! also, i love the name ellie, soup in bread bowls, and sonic happy hour! :)