Monday, April 16, 2012

Weddings, Birthdays & Easter

Last weekend, my sweet friend from work, Amanda went and got herself hitched in a beautiful & simple ceremony! I was so glad to share in her and Jonathan's day!!
Jonathan, Amanda, Tucker & Jacob have just recently moved into their new house they built...can't wait to visit and see where this winds up!
Summer Wedding Season is quickly approaching! If you're needing a wedding or shower gift, a personalized canvas would be a HIT!
Stephen's birthday was Saturday so naturally, we started celebrating on Thursday at Family Night. There canNOT be a birthday cake in site without these boys being part of it.
Time to Sing!!!
Make a Wish..
And just becuase you've stopped by today, check these out! This is how we do Easter.
I've never claimed on this blog that myself or any of my family members are nice, normal people, but we sure have fun together.

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