Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

Way, way back in December I painted this for my Secret Sister at church who just happened to also be my aunt! I meant to post this  yesterday for obvious reasons that you will soon be seeing, but forgetful minds and busy schedules got the best of me. One day late ain't bad for this girl these days.

Happy 35th Anniversary, Jerrie & Cheri!! Much love to you both!!

Swap partners were revealed over the weekend for this fun Blog Swap Party!

My partner is the lovely Melissa Jo from The Lady of the Flowers. Go check out her blog! Our swap packages go out this weekend!! EEEEEKKK!!! Yes, I totally just squealed like a little girl!

S & I have been soaking up this crazy beautiful weather of late. We've been heading out to one of the parks and taking nice long walks. I've come to the conclusion, the best discussions are had in moments like these.

He's a goober sometimes, but he's mine!

Emilee hosted a wedding shower for Chuck's brother Shawn and his fiance Jessica over the weekend. She asked me to whip something up chalkboard style to convey the message to everyone that it was a destination wedding. Great idea Em!

Pardon the insanely bright glare. Oh my.

Last night, t-ball kicked off for this little guy! He did a great job! Team's got a ways to go, but he did great.

Although I might be partial.

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