Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jenna's Birthday!

Last Saturday, my sweet friend (and beloved photog...check out her out on FB here) Julie had a birthday party for her oldest daughter Jenna and invited me to come and paint with the girls!

She sent me a pic of the theme and rest was up to me!

I painted up this as my sample for the party! It's not an exact match, but I didn't want it to be. 

Since this was a girl's party, I decided this little beauty needed some eyelashes!

I did some prep work by painting all the dots on the backgrounds, free-hand sketching the owls on each canvas, and attached the ribbons...then it was PARTY time!

I loved seeing each owl come to life based on what each girl thought they should look like!

When they finished up, Julie and I put their names on them!
I enjoyed my first Birthday Paint Party soo much! I look forward to more!! 
Happy 8th Birthday Jenna!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday RANDOMness

Alrighty ladies, it's time for our little Wednesday routine! Go see what's happening in blog land at Michelle and Jamie's linkups!

Wouldn't this be the cutest baby shower decor? The cutest baby shower gift? The cutest thing to hang in the new mommy's hospital room? The cutest thing to hang at the new parents' house as they come home with baby? The CUTEST. THING. EVER?????
Splash's awful. Not really. I heart it. Alot.
Love my green pop color!!
The Preds are headed to ROUND 2 of the playoffs!! "Don't know what it is about the Predators scorin', but I like it, I LOVE it, I want some more of it!"
EC in 10 days. Cannot wait!

(Find all my Pins and their sources by looking me up on Pinterest...ericadf)

Came back from a meeting this afternoon and found this on my desk. Those men I work with...they're pretty good. (most of the time)
 I love XM radio for this reason....bringing back crazy good memories from the high school years.
I get to see my "niece" Anna this weekend! She's closer to 2 months old than this picture shows. Love her to pieces! (Oh, I'm pretty pumped about seeing her mom too!)
 PARTY TIME for Colin on Saturday!!!!! Who doesn't love a kid's birthday party at a park?!! COME ON! ANNNNNND...Phineas and Ferb. Saturday has success written ALL over it!

Can't get over that little booger is almost 3, but that's beside the point.

What are you loving?? Leave a comment, let us know!

(Check back tomorrow for Jenna's Birthday Paint Party deets!)

More Pre-Wedding Fun

A couple weeks ago, another shower was held to honor Sarah & Robert's upcoming wedding. This one was in Rob's hometown in Allons, TN. I just love pre-wedding events, don't you?

This cake was one of the best I've ever had. You just can't beat a good white "occasion cake" as Emilee's mom calls it.

This is my cousin Sarah. And this is the man she's going to marry. 

We like him.

I finally got around to painting a sign for them. This will match their wedding AND a room in their new home! Love when multiple usage is involved!

Then, on Saturday a bunch of girls got together for a Lingerie Shower. I had a Birthday Paint Party scheduled a couple months before, so I missed most of this party. Chick racked up on alot of goodies though!

There were several jokes about some pieces that resembled eye patches because they were tiny. So my promise to everyone there that day is that there WILL be an eye patch photo opportunity at the wedding. Be on the lookout for that!

This just cracks me up of my aunt. What was really being said at this moment was something along the lines of, "OH!! IT'S A VEIL!!!!" Yes, she was kidding as she normally does, but it was still hill-arious. 

This is the price I paid for being late.....

Two weeks from Saturday!! We're all SOOO excited!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Annnnnd...the Winner Is...

Looks like your 3rd entry was THE winning entry!!
True Random Number Generator 23 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
here is my 3rd and winning entry!
Congrats A. Bray!! I'll be contacting you soon!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week In Photo Review

I will let this mini photo dump speak for itself. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend!

Wednesday, I made 48 cupcakes. Just because it was Wednesday. (Fine, not really..they were for a Retirement Party at work the next day.)
Thursday I went and got this goop put in my hair.
By Friday, (it's a little blurry I know) that goop and a skilled pair of scissors made my hair look like this! I've recevied mixed reactions. I love it. That's all that matters.
Friday night, S left for a Guy's Weekend to celebrate his bud Matt's upcoming wedding. So I was left home alone to cheer on my Boys in Blue as they defeated the DETROIT FLIPPIN RED WINGS!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!
Had  some El Tap (you locals know where I'm talking about) fun with this little guy!
Saturday I was invited to do a Birthday Paint Party! More on that later this week, but for now here's Miss Audrey.
After the Paint Party, I went to ANOTHER party. The girls got together for Sarah's Lingerie Shower. What is it about girlie things like this that make us giggle so much?! Fun day!!
Remember the 48 cupcakes, this canvas went with those. The long-time Director of Pharmacy at the hospital is retiring after 40+ years of service. My department hosted a cookout to honor him and I painted this canvas for him.

That's the week and weekend in review. It makes me tired just sitting here remembering all of it.

I have a special request to ask of you, please say a prayer for my sweet Aunt Samantha. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has surgery tomorrow to remove (hopefully) all of it. Prayer and faith works as much power as medicine. We are hopeful for a good outcome tomorrow and are leaning on the Lord and each other. Please pray.

"...the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." James 5:16

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Fun!

It's WEDNESDAY which means it's Link Up Day!!!

Check out other great pin finds and loves at Michelle & Jamie's blogs.

Riley & Colin have been running around alot lately humming or singing parts of this song. And it's just the most precious thing ever. Great song, great meaning!
How cute and resourceful is this idea?! I loved it so much, there's already one in my kitchen!
I love fruit pizza in the Spring and Summer months! Dumb me, never even thought about making them on individual sugar cookies for mini pizzas! Brilliant!!
I love Photo Christmas Cards and I can't bring myself to throw them away, so this was a great idea to keep them and keep them organized year by year!
I fell in love with this wreath for Summer! I stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked up bunch of these little umbrellas to get started on making one!
Are any of you watching GCB? If should be. Period. It's quite possibly the funniest show on TV right now.(Behind Big Bang, of course.) I can't thank my friend Emilee enough for telling me about this one!! This show makes me want to move to Texas!
My friend Jenna and her hubs Jonathan welcomed a new little girl into their family a couple weeks ago..she is a DOLL! I went to Etsy for cute gift ideas and came across this super cute birth announcement print from the shop Scribble and Scribe Paper Company. How precious did this turn out?! Love it!
Yesterday Sonic celebrated Tax Day with Happy Hour ALL friggin' day.
My sister and I took off work early Friday to go to Knoxville and get fitted for our b'maids dresses for Sarah's wedding. We threw in a MASSIVE trip to Target along the way back and dinner at Panera. I'm glad we don't have either of these where we live. Because if we did, I would surely be B-R-O-K-E.
Now c'mon...who doesn't love a good soup and bread bowl?? I mean, really.
This was the scene of the crime last night in my living room. I dream in yellow dots right now.

Be sure to read on to yesterday's post for giveaway info!!

Happy Wednesday chickies!!