Monday, March 5, 2012

Prayerful Hearts

Happy Monday Friends! Hope everyone made it through Friday's storms safely. There was damage and destruction all around us, but my family & I were blessed that the storms did not hurt our homes.

My dad said it best yesterday in his sermon, when storms like this come up, we pray that they don't damage our homes or property. But, does that mean that we're just praying that the storms' wrath goes to someone else? So how do you pray in times like these? I think we pray for everyone's safety and that in His way, God will just remove the storms' vengenance.

These are all photos floating around on Facebook since Friday.

Relief efforts are in place for vicitim's of Friday's tornado. Click here to find out more.

Now, maybe on to something a little bit happier...remember Miles Thomas from this post? "Miles' Mommy," as Colin refers to her from daycare, ordered this one for herself to hang in their newly built house!

She allowed me to come up with whatever I I decided to hit up my gray paint again. I just love gray! It's clean and simple yet classy. Add a pop color to it..and it's just lovely!!

Keeping in tradition of the past couple of's a little Music Monday for ya! One of the great and wonderful advantages of having SiriusXM Radio is hearing music that isn't played on regular mainstream radio. Therefore, I give you, "Dancing Shoes" by Green River Ordinance.

Annnd....FYI...unless Baby Anna finally decides to come on her own tonight...tomorrow is the long-awaited big day for Nate & Angela!!! So excited to meet this little girl!

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