Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness Catch Up...Basketball Not Included

March has been a busy month so far. April will be a busy month. May will be a busy month. There are so many events coming up that I am over the moon excited about! I can't wait to share them all with you, but for's what's been happening in March!

First, we celebrated Mom's birthday! Dad had this oh so too pretty to eat cake made for her. (FYI...she loves hats!)

Spring sprung early. The trees are in full  bloom and most flowers are too. We've had GORGEOUS weather this month. (minus the storms and tornadoes on March 2nd.)

I'm still pretty crazy about this one....

I've decided that I love it.

I cooked dinner for S's parents. This is the first time that I've ever cooked a meal and invited "in-laws" over. WATCH OUT! Anyways, S has this bad habit when he comes in the door to go through my cabinets, fridge, etc looking for food or drink. Knowing good and well that he would take the lid off of the crock pot...I had to resort to more extreme measures.

One afternoon, Stephen and I took the boys to play mini golf. We had a great time with them!

Then we came back home with them and Riley played football on the Kinect.

Colin sucker-punched Riley in the back just because it was a Saturday, then took off running and laughing as seen below.

We thought this joker miiiiiight take a nap. Thought being the operative word.

We loaded them back up in the car and headed to meet my sis and BIL to give them back their responsibility. 2 minutes into the carride, I turned around to find this....

Annnnd....this beauty.

I think it's safe to say we wore them out.

I struck an incredible deal on strawberries. Exciting news for you I know!! I got these two flats for $13 and some change. No, they're not all for me...most were for S's mom and grandma. I picked these up for them while I was in town. I know, I know....whipped.

So I took my share of the strawberries and made a quick and easy trifle for a chruch dinner. That sucker was GONE. I came home with a sparkling, clean bowl and that was ALL.

Oh, and we briefly thought this guy might stand a shot at coming back to Tennessee. But it doesn't look that way now. From Knoxville, to Indianapolis to what looks to be Denver. Think about this one long and hard Peyton...we'd love to have you back!!!

And besides, if you go to Denver, Mr. Manning...what happens to Mr. Tebow?? He's done so well there, I just hate to see him move from a position he's earned. But I'm fairly confident he'll get a pretty great deal wherever he goes.

That's it for March so far! Check back tomorrow for a complete wrap up from the first Spring Paint Party!!

Leaving you with a little Jazon Mraz on this BEAUTIFUL Monday!

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